28mm on the cheap: Sci-fi hovercraft

While finalizing my entry for the Tomorrow's War Strike Force Contest over at Ambush Alley Games, I realized I needed an APC for my mercenary company to ride around in. I found a likely conversion candidate with this toy, part of a group that Karl picked up for cheap at a gaming auction.

It's from an old toy line from the 90s. The model is the right size to cart around a half-squad or a reinforced fireteam. It just took some quick conversion work and a rough coat of paint for this grav vehicle to fit in with my strike force. Here's a closeup of the finished product.

And here's a photo of the entire strike force. Almost all of the figures are Pig Iron Heavy Infantry troopers. Vote for me if I end up in the running for the fan favorite award!

— Patrick, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

0 responses to “28mm on the cheap: Sci-fi hovercraft

  1. Nice Job Pat.
    I admit that I had it pegged as a 15mm and was skeptical that it would work as a 28mm vehicle. You totaly proved me wront and it looks awesome as a 28mm grav APC!

  2. Hi my friend Great work on that! Could you tell me the Toyline the vehicle came in the 90s it's very cool. Thanks Grey in Va. US

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