Song of Blades & Heroes Campaign, Session 3 – The Deserted Village

The third session of our Song of Blades & Heroes fantasy campaign took place last week, and we had a definite theme in mind -- we were planning our first-ever village game, using Karl's converted porcelain buildings and a couple resin buildings I picked up from Miniature Building Authority (one was a gift from my wife; the other was a splurge).

This was something we've wanted to do for quite some time, but we (as a club) never quite had the critical mass of terrain and scenery required to pull off a full-blown urban fantasy map. I think we've reached the threshold of awesomeness, though, as these photos attest.

We were joined by Devin, an occasional player who definitely picked the best possible night to show up. In all we had 5 players, a record for my little basement game room, and we had to set up a second game at a card table. Here Devin is puzzling through the Song of Blades & Heroes warband roster we handed him. In the foreground, you can see my undead warband.

Karl picked up that cobblestone mat at a craft store after Christmas for pennies on the dollar. It proved to be absolutely perfect for creating a basic urban space for our buildings.
Here's a close-up of Jack, the Pumpkin King, my undead warband's leader, as he prepares to lead his ghastly legion into the town. We were playing a mega-treasure hunt scenario with 3 players and 4 treasure markers (2 duds, 2 actual treasures). First player to escape with the most treasure won!

Here's another look down the streets and alleys of our town. Devin's warband is on the left, and Mike's warband is mustering in the wheat fields in the background.

Oh yeah, this takes place in our campaign world, The Iron Isle, so of course this town has a name. It's called Edvard's Steading and it's the main urban center in Balthus Province, a region of farmland to the north. Check it out on the map here.

Edvard's Steading was empty, though, as if the population had fled the little burg with little warning. Perhaps they felt the earth tremble beneath steel-shod feet as our warbands approached? Probably that's what happened.

The game unfolded slowly, with each warband creeping slowly through the empty streets to find the 4 treasure markers. Mike's warband found the first, and his angelic leader, Lady Marie, quickly flew off with the treasure chest. Here she is in all her nekkid glory.

Devin and I came to blows over the final treasure parcel. My undead were exceedingly slow (which turned out to be an unfortunate theme for the campaign) and he was able to escape with the loot. Here my zombies swarm his demon warrior near a moss-covered stone bridge.

We did the typical campaign stuff afterward, like figuring out casualties, income and exploration. But really the spectacle was a chance to play on our awesome urban fantasy setup -- a modular layout that will certainly figure into our future games.
Across the room, we had set up a small table for a second game. Tim and Karl had sent their warbands exploring into the Great Southron Desert, a vast wasteland of sand, rock and scrub-brush on the southern coast of the Iron Isle. 
They were playing a breakthrough scenario, so Karl had to get his animal warband across the table while Tim attempted to interdict him. Here he attempts to do just that.

Karl won after taking some tough losses, including the death of Eisendury the Echidna, who fell in single combat with Tim's tribal leader. Here's Karl's full warband -- with the exception of Eisendury, it's all animals. Lots and lots of animals. And not just the typical D&D critters (dire wolf, rat, bear, etc). Karl has plenty of esoteric (and correctly scaled!) animal figures in his warband. Like a Wolverine. Who fields a wolverine? Karl does, that's who. Take a look.

Tim's warband includes one of the baddest-ass owlbears I have EVER SEEN. Look at those eyes and tell me you don't feel scared.

We're playing again this week. The scenario will likely be some variant of a tower defense. My undead warband, you may recall, occupied a grim watchtower in the Velathys Marsh, and the combined forces of Good are determined to unseat the undead invaders from their foothold in the swamp. Stay tuned!
-- Patrick, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

3 responses to “Song of Blades & Heroes Campaign, Session 3 – The Deserted Village

  1. Mmm, sounds like you guys had a great time! Thanks to you I'm the proud owner of several of the SBH rule sets!

  2. I'm spreading your batreps to my facebook friends, they'll love them

  3. Thanks, Andrea! Keep a lookout for the next installment, coming this weekend!

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