Fully Painted: Void Junkers and Neo-Soviets

Last week I finished two groups of figures: a Neo-Soviet warband for our upcoming post-apocalyptic campaign and a huge batch of Void Junkers Legionnaires that will likely see use in may different games.


This project was initiated by my acquisition a couple weeks ago of 6 Soviet NKVD troopers from the 25 cent bin at Wolfcon. As with most of my impulse buys, I knew if I didn't get started on them it might be a while before they saw any paint, so I got right to work.

The painting is my usual method: a quick spray with Rustoleum Camo Green, followed by base colors, a brush-dip of Minwax Polyshades Antique Walnut and a brush-on matte varnish.

The basing is just premixed wall plaster sculpted up to try and disguise the cast-on bases that are glued directly to the slotta.

To their number I added a long-OOP Corporation Commander from Demonblade's now-defunct Shockforce game and a Neo-Soviet Rad Trooper figure from Vor: The Maelstrom

Here are some of the troopers.

They're NKVD figs from Black Tree Design and are apparently still available quite reasonably for less than $2 per figure.

These figures looked a bit small in the bin, but when I got them home, I found that they are 28mm to the eye. Their cast-on bases add a further bit of height, making them a good fit alongside more modern 28mm models that often stretch to 30mm.

They are stock except for backpacks that I ordered from Mega Minis. These are backpacks that normally come with their sci-fi trooper figures, but if you ask nicely they'll sell them separate.

Here is the commander figure and his enforcer/bodyguard/brute.

Though most Shockforce corporation figs have been re-released by Mega Miniatures as Frontier Defense Force, this Commander figure hasn't. I figure it's probably because the figure is so big -- he measures 33mm sole-to-eye without even counting his massive hat, making him significantly larger than most Shockforce troopers. Like most figures from the line, he's pretty clearly intended as a Games Workshop Imperial Guard proxy.

The Neo-Soviet Rad Trooper figure is still available from Iron Wind Metals. He's supposed to come with a backpack. Mine came in a random pile of loose lead, so he got one of same Mega Minis backpacks as the troopers.

These guys were finished in a week of spotty painting and will probably see the table next week as we continue to playtest In The Emperor's Name as our probable choice of rulsets for our upcoming post-apocalyptic campaign.

I'm especially happy with the effect that the Minwax Polyshades Tudor dip gives to their dark green uniforms.

Void Junkers 

I've been trying to finish these guys for the better part of a year now. I thought I'd get them done quickly by doing a batch of 47 figures at once, but that only made me enjoy the process less and procrastinate more. Anywho, they're done now!

Along with the basic troopers, there are 5 sergeants (guys without helmets), 1 chaingunner, 4 grenadiers, 5 flamethrowers and 2 figures with thermite lances that I'll be using as grenade launchers.

Fans of Void will note that these troopers are missing their shields. I've also noted their absence and somewhere in my house there's a bag of shields primed white and waiting for paint. I decided to paint the troopers anyway and deal with the shields when I find them. I think you'll agree that they don't look terrible sans shields.

They were painted with the same process as the Neo-Soviets, except they were primed with white gesso. The basing is simply sheetrock paint texture (finely crushed pumice) glued on, painted brown and dry-brushed.

I really rushed these guys, but they didn't turn out too bad. There are two figures with really bad pooling of the Minwax on the lower leg, but even that isn't very noticeable on the tabletop. So it's not my best work, but they do look quite impressive in a big group, which is how they'll likely be used. My Junker army now numbers more than 70 foot soldiers, a vehicle, 7 mounted cavalry and a couple other largish figures. Which means I'm a bit less than half finished!

As with the Neo-Soviets, I'm really liking the effect that the black pigmented Tudor shade has on miniatures. This was one of my first uses of it on lighter shaded figs (usually I use it for darker colors), and I'm very pleased. Here's a quick tip. After the Tudor dip has dried, if you find a few places where you missed, a bit of black paint mixed into matte medium gives you a nice thick-but-translucent mix that you can paint on to darken up the areas you missed.

The best news is that now my painting desk is cleared of in-progress projects, and I can start on my two next undertakings: a Squat army (yeah, you heard right...) and a post-apocalyptic salvage crew.

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

2 responses to “Fully Painted: Void Junkers and Neo-Soviets

  1. Love the neo sovs I like the scheme you chose. The Junkers are one of my favorite classic figures.

  2. Very cool, and in numbers too. Nice work.

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