New plastic buildings from Proxie Models

Continuing my habit of working on projects with no bearing on the club's current games, I recently acquired and assembled a couple of the new plastic buildings produced by Proxie Models. Though originally designed for 15mm scale miniatures, I will be using them for our 10mm scale sci-fi battles and have made a few modifications to that end. All the models in the review are 10mm (aka N scale or 1/144 scale).

Proxie Models is an impressive one-man operation that -- from a garage workshop -- designs, masters and casts an extremely affordable range of injection molded bases, buildings and vehicles. You can see the entire range here, and in our earlier review of some of their miniature bases.

Gothic Walls
This kit contains four walls and two sets of front stairs that combine to build a 3-story building. Each wall comes with tabs to make it easy to install a floor at each level. I trimmed these away and glued a bit of painted card behind the windows instead. Here's how it scales with a 10mm mech, tank and troopers. I was pleased to see how good the doors scale with 10mm figures. The colors are based loosely on a Greek Orthodox cathedral. 

For the roof, I wanted something that would complete the Orthodox look. The roof is made from the following items (bottom to top):

  • A piece of plastic card
  • The bottom section of a Mechwarrior clix mech base with alternating tabs trimmed
  • The inside section of a standard clix base
  • A slightly shortened EM4 flight base
  • A small cross bit from the depths of my bits box

Factory or Office Walls
This kit is a set of 6 walls. Two have windows, wwo have windows and doors, and two have a pair of garage doors.

Unlike the Gothic kit, the windows and doors needed a bit of work to make them more suitable for 10mm. I shaved off the door handles and used a bit of scrap plastic to divide the doors into double doors.

To make the windows look a smaller in scale I put some window screening behind each.

The details such as loading dock lights, dumpster and AC unit are mostly parts from cut-up Mechwarrior vehicles. The roof is just plastic card that's been sprayed with sandstone textured spraypaint.

Like the Gothic building it scales well with 10mm, but I did end up wishing I'd also bought the second story kit sold by Proxie. At $9 for both kits (they're $4.50 each) it's a pretty reasonable price for a large 4-story building, which would provide full concealment for even large 10mm scale mechs.

I'm very pleased with these buildings. There aren't many cheap N-scale buildings out there, and these are nicely, if simply done. The addition of roofs would have been welcome, but if it keeps the cost down then I'm certainly willing to make my own. Though not complete building kits, I can confidently recommend these to the gamer who doesn't mind just a bit of DIY.

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

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