Where You’ll Find Us This Weekend

The Games Plus gaming auction is upon us again! This twice-yearly event, which spans four days in March and October, is one of the highlights of CSW's event schedule. In the month leading up to each auction, gamers from around the Chicago area drop off unwanted or surplus game books, supplements, dice, miniatures, board games, terrain, hobby supplies and more. The stalwart staff of Games Plus organizes the many thousands of submission and will present them for auction this weekend.

Of course, the highlight for us is the miniatures day. The auction starts around 10 a.m. Sunday and continues nonstop until the last lot is sold -- typically around early evening. Painted and unpainted miniatures from every conceivable game and manufacturer are auctioned off, one after the other, at very attractive prices. Many members of Chicago Skirmish Wargames have personal stories about particularly sought-after miniatures or kits they've acquired at the auction.

If you're anywhere near the Chicago area on March 10, you really owe it to yourself to stop on by and check out the auction. That's where you'll find us on Sunday!

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