The Mechs of Mech Attack!

Here's a brief look at the mech models that we used in our Mech Attack game at Little Wars last weekend. They're from a variety of model lines (and even a few toy makers). The infantry figure in the pictures is a 28mm Junkers Legionnaire, included for scale purposes. Some of the perspectives in the photos make the figure look a bit smaller and the mechs a bit bigger, so I've included measurements of all the Mechs from bottom of foot to tallest point (not including antennae).

Here are the Mechs that fought on the side of the defenders.

From left:

  • AT-43 UNA pre-painted mech, 3.5 inches or 90mm tall
  • 2x Robotech/Macross Valkyrie mechs, converted with toy gun parts, 7.25 inches or 170mm
  • Custom mech built by Tim from WW2 German vehicle, toy robot legs and other parts, 5 inches or 130mm tall

Here are the Mechs that fought the side of the attackers.

From left:

  • 1/72 scale diecast BattleTech Legionnaire toy, original paint job, 6.75 inches or 160mm
  • Robogear (ExoSquad reissue) Destroid toy, repainted and converted, 6 inches or 150mm
  • Gasaraki 1/35 scale model, converted, 5 inches or 130mm

Here are some more individual pictures of the various mechs.

Look for another appearance from these guys in the after-action report from our Little Wars game!

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

4 responses to “The Mechs of Mech Attack!

  1. You have sold me on the genre. Great stuff.

  2. Do you happen to know what scale that Destroid model comes in at? Is it the 1/200 or 1/100 scale action figure? or the 1/72 scale model?

  3. The Destroid is a Playmates Robotech (Exosquad reissue) toy. It's about 7" tall, though I have no idea what the scale comparison would be. They show up on Ebay from time to time. There were Toys of all 4 Destroid types, though I only know them by Battletech names.
    I've also got the Warhammer and Rifleman (never bought the Archer, doh!) versions that should be getting some paint for next year's Little Wars game. Stay tuned!

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