Night Herons of the Black Crown, Part 3

With the start of our fantasy campaign only a few days away, I put the finishing touches on my warband, the Night Herons of the Black Crown. These are mostly character figures, and like my earlier postings, most were acquired at Little Wars.

Corvin Vunzeister, Arch-Mage of the Black Crown
This year we've made it mandatory to include a magic-user in each warband, so I painted up this Reaper wizard. I had a bit of trouble with his wand, which snapped off at the hand, but I carved the stub out of his palm and glued the wand back in his hand. I particularly like the little creature on his shoulder, which looks a lot like Salacious Crumb, the nasty little pet of Jabba the Hutt.

Vunzeister was once a young apprentice mage of the Silver Tower. His prodigious skills marked him early on as heir to the White Seat. However, a miscast spell by a fellow student nearly killed him, and young Corvin turned to the dark arts to repair his broken body. His health quickly returned, but the phenomenon drew the attention of his instructors, who could sense the presence of ill powers. As soon as he was able, he fled the Silver Tower and sought our the Black Crown to complete his training among wizards with less aversion to the forbidden arts. 

Valspan, Half-Giant and Horg the Ogre
Anybody know the origin of these two figures? Neither came with any marks. The ogre was missing something on his belt, so I covered the hole with a sword in sheath. He had square pegs under his feet, presumably for a base, but he didn't come with one. Unfortunately, the picture obscures the impressive double-sided greataxe he is wielding.


Valspan and Horg have been fighting side by side for as long as Horg can remember. Neither is particularly likely to wax emotional about their long friendship (or anything for that matter), but they are comrades of long standing. They have both already lived more than an average human lifetime and they've fought for just about every kingdom. Presently their services have been retained by the Black Crown. 

Digging in the lead pile, I found a Ral Partha Chaos Knight to add to the Night Herons' foot knight unit. He's a bit shorter than the Grenadier figures in that unit, but I bulked up his base a bit and now he fits right in.

He has a pretty cool shield also. One more knight and the unit will be a full 10 strong!

Lastly, I painted up this Dragon. He's part of a two-pack of toy "Paint and Play" dragons that was given to me by a fellow on the Reaper forum.
The material seems to be about the same PVC vinyl as Reaper's Bones, and it takes paint well. Though not finely detailed, the sculpt is pretty good also, and looks kind of old-school-RPG to me. The base is four cavalry bases glued together with a big piece of pine bark cemented on top. This is my first try at painting a dragon using a purple highlight over blue.

Singetooth Clawback is a dragon of great age and fierce reputation. Adopted by an unnamed servant of the Black Crown several hundred years ago, he has long been a mythic character among the small-folk of the Darker North. Vunzeister is presently the human he has chosen through which to communicate with the Black Crown.

Here's a shot of the entire warband together. At this point it would work well for Song of Blades and Heroes or WarEngine. I'm looking at a few options for enlarging it to be suitable for small games of Kings of War. More on that if and when it develops.

As a bonus, here are three figures I got in the recent Little Wars lot. Normally all such models get stripped, but these were already painted enough that all I had to do was rebase and brush-dip them. A warrior, dwarf and squire all seem like pretty useful fantasy tropes to have on hand. Their bases were obscured with goo, so if any one can help me identify them I'd really appreciate it. I'm nearly positive the dwarf is Ral Partha, but I'm not sure about the barefoot swordsman and the squire/standard-bearer.



-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

3 responses to “Night Herons of the Black Crown, Part 3

  1. Very nice painting. The dragon is awesome.

  2. I think the squire is from the Ral Partha "Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age" line. The swordsma look like a Galloglaich but I am unsure of the line…that pose is typical. I have at least two other manufacturers who have produced a similar pose in their Galloglaich.

  3. Thanks for the kind words folks.

    Mark, I think you're right about the Squire.

    It looks like some folks from TMP have ID'd the Swordsman as a Ral Partha "Scotish Thegn", The half giant as "Bertok the Barbarian" from Reaper, and the Ogre is the currently-OOP "Krog Skullsplitter" from Eastern Front Studios.

    Gotta love a good mixed warband!


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