Third Time’s a Charm for CSW’s 40k Gaming

Mike and I met at the local Games Workshop store south of Chicago for a small (yet epic) clash in the world of Warhammer 40,000. Mike's Imperial Guard force met my Dark Angels army in a 530-point skirmish game.

Dark Angels Forces 

  • Company Master Balthazar 
  • 10-man tactical squad with plasma gun and plasma cannon 
  • Dreadnought with assault cannon and missile launcher 
  • Ravenwing Darkshroud with assault cannon

Imperial Guard Forces 

  • Tons of mans with lasguns and grenade launchers! 
  • 2 HQ squads with medics 
  • 1 heavy weapons squad with autocannon 

Since we were just playing a small game, and were limited to a table with one gigantic piece of terrain, we decided to start on the corners and have an all-out battle. Here's how things looked at the outset of the battle.

Turn 1 
The Imperial Guard split their forces, sending one group around each side of main building in a flanking attempt. This turned out to be a very good move!

The Dark Angels advanced, though they were less concerned with getting into cover, since the Darkshroud vehicle confers a cover save to all squads within 6 inches.

Turn 2 
The Imperial Guard started shooting through the building at the Dark Angel forces, taking down one space marine. The flanking group moved further around the building even as the Dark Angels returned fire. The dreadnought's frag missile blast templates took out a handful of guardsmen.

Turn 3 
The Imperial Guard main force moved up into the building for cover, while the flanking force maneuvered to opend fire on the advancing marines. The Dark Angels turned to face the flanking heavy weapons team.

The Guardsmen managed to destroy the Darkshroud with a single penetrating hit, blowing it up and taking out a number of nearby marines. Enraged, the Dark Angels returned fire, destroying the heavy weapons team and slaughtering handfuls of guardsmen.

Turn 4
The remaining guardsmen sneaked around behind the dreadnought and destroyed it with their grenade launchers!

The four remaining space marines and their fearless leader continued to butcher the seemingly endless hordes of guardsmen.

At this point, we ran out of time. From a victory points perspective, we were tied, and we decided to call it a draw. I am fairly certain that given another turn or two, the Dark Angels would have fallen to the guardsmens' numbers. I think my list choice was fun, but maybe not the most effective army. The points I spent on the Darkshroud might have been better spent on another tactical squad. I probably also should have tried to move into close combat, where I would have both dominated and been protected from further shooting.

Mike's thoughts:
I got a better idea of what my force can and can't do. I know I need a few more weapons that penetrate better, but I can rely on lasguns to put some pain on standard marines. I think a few more autocannons and plasma guns might have helped more, especially if I could have gotten the plasma guns into the fight earlier. But the big winner for me were the grenade launchers. Expect to see a bunch of them in the future! I don't know if the medics did a lot to help, but I think standards would have been a good idea, along with some commissars.

It was a fast (surprisingly) and fun game of 40k!

-- Josh, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

3 responses to “Third Time’s a Charm for CSW’s 40k Gaming

  1. I haven't read many 40K reports, but I can't remember the last time I saw IG even put on the field. Bonus points for that. Nice report.

  2. Sounded quite fun. It's a shame you didn't get to truly finish it. It would have been nice to see if the Space Marine could hold out, or if the Guards could prove their will power to be far superior to the angels of death.

    Table Top Revolution

  3. CSW Mike here. I think I could have brought enough firepower on the remaining marines to kill them, but I would have lost a couple of my remaining squads, all of which were seriously depleted. And next time I probably won't take medics. They cost a lot (30 points) and they only affect the command squads, which I'll try to keep out of the line of fire as much as possible.

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