Dark Days of Qaarra, Session 4: Raiding the Camp

Last week saw an abbreviated campaign session, since a couple players were engaged in a Kings of War battle. Mike and I set up a small campaign skirmish between Prince Roland's Company (my warband) and a band of animal adventurers.

When the game opened, Prince Roland's Company was making their way through Brionbock Dale (a lush pastoral territory in the northeastern regions of Qaarra, our campaign setting) on the way to the Village of Plumshire. They saw the remains of a mercenary camp, likely abandoned in a hurry due to the marauding monsters that have plagued Qaarra in recent months. Sealed supply crates and chests were strewn about the area.

Prince Roland ordered his team to search for valuables and supplies.

Unfortunately, a band of animal adventurers had the same idea, and both warbands pounced on the campsite at the same time!

The two warbands raced around the field recovering treasure and supplies. Each side found an equal amount of loot -- but the animal adventurers, led by their plucky echidnox leader, accepted no quarter. A fierce battle took place on the ancient, weatherbeaten stone altar at the center of the area.

Edlenor, the renowned elven archer, found himself surrounded by enemies. His friend and dwarf ally Odwin Fistsmasher rushed in to save him, but fell to the giant's brutal combat prowess. Only the timely arrival of Gandarf the wizard, who transfixed the giant with a ray of magic, allowed Lord Stryker to slay the giant.

After the game, we rolled on the exploration table, and my warband ended up recruiting a holy paladin to fight for us! Talk about good timing -- and it fit with the campaign narrative we had going, too. Upon their arrival in Plumshire, the villagers rejoiced! The animal warband had been terrorizing the village for months. Roland and his friends were heroes! The town's protector, Narcissus, a blessed paladin in shining gold armor, pledged his loyalty to Roland and his quest.

After the game, I wandered over to the Reaper Bones display at Games Plus and picked out a suitably arrogant paladin miniature to add to my growing warband. Look for him to make an appearance in the next battle!

-- Josh, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

2 responses to “Dark Days of Qaarra, Session 4: Raiding the Camp

  1. I shall, I shall. Can't wait for the next one. I find your narration quite good to read, though maybe some more pictures would be cool

  2. We got a little distracted and didn't take enough pictures during the game this week!

    If you want to see the paladin in progress, feel free to check out my blog: http://jlopatin.com/blog/

    The first in progress shot is found at http://jlopatin.com/blog/2013/08/02/on-the-workbench-9/

    I hope to post a new image tonight.

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