Wreck-Age Scenario Testing at the Gaming Goat

I got together last weekend with Matt from Hyacinth Games at The Gaming Goat in Oak Park to work on our starter box scenarios for Wreck-Age.
Our goal is to write scenarios that can be played using just the minis from
the starter boxes. For this scenario, our focus was on the Stitchers vs.
the Stakers.

A cabal of Stitchmen has been
watching the efforts of a newly founded Staker community very closely
these last few weeks, not that any of them would be aware of it. The
hunters have taken note of all their defenses, the schedule that most of
the town adheres to, and whether or not they seem healthy enough to be
viable for harvesting. Especially noteworthy to the Stitchers is the
network of tunnels below the community, which is built on the rubble of
what was once a small city before the collapse. It took some time to map
the tunnels, but any advantage is worth it in the end, for how can
immortality be attained if you don't take the necessary precautions?

There were a few special rules in effect:

  • Stitchers always go first, since they are the aggressors.
  • Stakers get a +1 bonus to all nerves tests due to their resolve to defend their homes.
  • Manhole
    tokens must be placed on the board. These should be 12 inches apart,
    and placed at regular intervals. The quantity will depend on your board
    and terrain. Make it cool!
  • Stitchers start off the board. They can start on any road edge,
    come up out of a tunnel entrance (designated by manholes).
    They can move back into the tunnels as a free action, then pop out of any other manhole as a free action on their next turn, after passing a power test to lift the manhole lid.
  • Stitchers
    must use non-lethal methods to take out the Stakers. Once the Staker is
    down, they can use 2AP to harvest organs. Once they have
    harvested, they must return to any manhole to drop off the goods to
    orderlies waiting in the tunnels.
  • In addition to the Stakers box
    set, place 2 tokens or minis to represent additional harvestable
    villagers. They are not as healthy as the standard Stakers; their stats
    are all 1.

Starting locations:

  • Stitchers can start at any road end, or come up from any manhole (provided they pass the required power test)
  • Stakers may start anywhere on the board. At least 2 figures must be within 12 inches of a manhole.

Win Conditions:

  • Stakers must survive 4 turns to win. Daybreak brings in a Staker caravan with guns blazing and the Stitchers will retreat.
  • Stitchers must collect 100 resources to win.

Tim played the evil Stitchmen, while I controlled the poor Stakers.
On the first turn, Tim's Stitcher administrator (who he named
LobsterClaw) popped out of a manhole in the center of town. He tried to
shoot an innocent villager, but his tranq pistol malfunctioned. He
charged at a nearby Staker, and they both missed their attacks.

Skin-coat, the veteran Stitcher administrator, popped out of the same
manhole, charged a villager, knocked him out, and harvested his organs.
Since he was still in contact with the manhole, he was able to deposit
his prize immediately.

Next, a Stitcher hunter appeared. He shot at the Staker's jammer,
but his tranq gun misfired. The jammer fired back, and wounded the

A Staker guard charged into combat with another hunter, but no wounds were caused.

A pair of Staker riflemen shot at Skin-coat, but he shrugged off the shots.

The Stakers went first on turn 2. Shots were fired, but the Stitchmen
avoided injuries. LobsterClaw killed and harvested the Staker he was
fighting, and moved back to the manhole to drop off his goods. He was
attacked by a Staker, and wounded him. A hunter joined that fight and
wounded the Staker. The riflemen fired at the veteran administrator and knocked him out of action, but he used his chem injector item to heal himself and remove
all wounds.

3 went poorly for the Stakers. Another Staker was knocked unconcious
and harvested. The hunter carrying the goods managed to get within 3
inches of the manhole, but he would have to wait until the next turn to
drop the organs off. The Stakers didn't really manage to cause any
damage this turn.

the start of turn 4, I conceded the game to Tim and the Stitchers. They
had set themselves up in such a way that I would not have been able to
stop the hunter from dropping the goods and winning the game. He was
withing shooting range, but my own figures were blocking line of sight!

This was a fun scenario. I think we've got it almost balanced, but one
more playthrough is a good idea. The Stakers rolled very well on their
hit and defense rolls, but terribly on their damage rolls. They also
started clustered around a manhole, and that decision was a deadly
mistake. Tim played his Stitchers very well. We toyed with other
concepts for the scenario, like adding nighttime rules, or some sort of sentry or alarm,
but decided to keep this streamlined and simple.

The Gaming Goat was very accommodating, but we picked a busy day to come out and play, since they had a card game tournament going on as well. Big thanks to them for welcoming us into the store! I'm sure we'll be back soon enough.

-- Josh, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

10 responses to “Wreck-Age Scenario Testing at the Gaming Goat

  1. Sounds like some of the modifications made the scenario run better but the play by play makes it sound like it might still be weighted heavily in favor of the Stitchers.

    I'm not sure the townsfolk are a good idea. As soon as I read that it sounded like even softer targets for the Stitchers to collect some RU's off of. I'd definitely consider dropping the villagers.

    You didn't mention the manhole lid rolls. Did you remember to take them? Also, you should clarify some additional things about the manhole lids like do the Stitchers have to make the roll every time or only once (do they cover them back up behind them essentially?) Can a Staker stand on/fall prone on a manhole to prevent it from being opened? Also, the role player in me would want to know if I can drop a grenade down the hole to sabotage the collected organs/reduce their collected RU total. Haha.

    You need to try it again without giving up those easy RU's by hanging out next to the manholes to be easily dragged away. Stakers love their rifles – use them to their advantage. 😉

  2. The Stitchers won easily, but i think bad rolling had more to do with it. It felt like a very fair loss.

    The Stitchers did have to roll each time they came out of the manhole. The orderlies can pull it shut from inside the tunnel afterwards.

    The villagers could be left out, but it gave the Stakers some innocents to defend, and that was fun to try. We did specify that they were only worth 1d6x2 RU if alive, and 1d6RU if dead, so they were not exactly prime targets. The Stakers were worth 1d6x10RU if alive, and 1d6x5RU if dead

    I think the grenades might be a good idea. Maybe each Staker will have a single grenade equipped and they can only try sealing a tunnel once it has been opened by a Stitcher?

  3. Good feedback, and I admit my notes may have suffered towards the end of the scenario as my attention was beginning to shift towards getting people to run some demos in a few minutes.

    I hope that Josh and I can get together this or next weekend and get this bad boy finished. Even with it's flaws at the moment it is pretty fun to play.

  4. Sounds great could manholes be blocked by the stakers?

  5. I think the sapper placement is key for that, especially since we want to be using stat cards straight out of the box. Place her by the center manhole, drop in a satchel of explosives and that will make the Stitchers scramble for a few turns!

  6. Interesting, if not creepy, scenario. The pictures are great.

  7. This was a really good scenario. Did you design the miniatures yourself? Or just using them with your own rules?

    Table Top Revolution

  8. The minis and rules involved are all for http://wreck-age.net which the CSW guys are graciously helping us playtest scenarios for. It's great to have a local game group like them to help out a small company like ourselves.

  9. Things always get creepy when the Stitchmen show up…

    Glad you liked the pictures! I wish I had taken more of them.

  10. Beautiful minis and terrain, great looking pictures!

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