Dark Days of Qaarra, Session 7: The Hills Rise Wild

We played another session in our Song of Blades & Heroes campaign last night -- just a single game for me and Mattias, who is running a sweet new warband. The game took place in the Grimshade Hills, an heretofore unexplored area of our campaign map. Check it out at the bottom of the map below.

The game was a continuation of my dwarven warband's storyline from our previous campaign session. Following their catastrophic defeat at the Scrying Stones, the dwarves fled south, skirting the edge of the Agamin Desert and finding temporary solace in the Grimshade Hills. Brynwulf, the fallen dwarf-king of Stonehill, and his men were bruised, battered and short on supplies when they arrived in the silent, mist-shrouded hills. Despite the oppressive gloom that lay on the landscape like a wet woolen blanket, the dwarves pushed on, hiking overland until they reached the ruins of a village, no doubt recently abandoned as the creeping doom spread across the lands.

But as the dwarves ventured into the village to search for supplies, they were unaware that they were being watched by a depraved group of chaos (little 'c,' we ain't talkin' Warhammer Chaos here!) servants. These foul creatures -- a hideous alliance of men, dwarves, elves and demons -- fell upon the vulnerable dwarves as they reached the village.

It was a fierce, bloodthirsty battle. Mattias's chaos warriors were led by a fearsome necromancer. My dwarves were escorted by two knights of Vildeburg -- human warriors who had pledged their swords to the dwarves' cause earlier in the campaign, and supported by Rolf the Bear, the wise forest guardian who had been with the dwarves since the beginning.

Tragedy struck early in the game, as Rolf was cut down by a mob of savage chaos warriors. But the dwarves' problems were only beginning, as Mattias's necromancer, the Fell Glendywr, successfully raised Rolf as a shambling bear-zombie who no doubt hungered for dwarf-flesh!

Oh snap! Luckily this loss was bear-ly a problem for the dwarves, who rallied and fell upon the chaos warriors with axes a-swingin'. They got a lucky shot on the Keeper of Livers, a foul chaos spawn who was probably stuffing livers into his pockets at that very moment and was thus distracted.

After that, the dwarves moved on to the chaos leader, a vile chud called the Warder of Wyrd. One gruesome kill later (literally, this is a game term in Song of Blades & Heroes) and Mattias's chaos fighters were fleeing the table in panic. The dwarves had won an important victory and secured vital supplies -- but at what cost?! Rolf the Bear, the wise, kind, gentle forest protector, a big teddy bear really, totally hug-able, just great to cuddle up with, had been killed, and had then returned as an undead zombie! The psychological blow to the dwarves was devastating!

Here's a final look at the battle right before we packed up. Afterward we did the post-game campaign steps from Song of Deeds & Glory, and Mattias's team was able to raise another zombie. How cool! It was a great, flavorful game for sure.

-- Patrick, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

7 responses to “Dark Days of Qaarra, Session 7: The Hills Rise Wild

  1. Enjoyable batrep. Thank you. Shame about the bear. Zombified, downer, man.

  2. Another interesting game. I really enjoy reading about your groups campaigns. Is it my imagination, or is the map super sexed up now? Was it always this way?

  3. Always fun to read your batrep guys.

  4. You never count your livers/while you're sittin' at the table…

  5. I just went back and read all the previous batreps on this and it really is a fun looking game. I'll be picking up the rules for certain.

  6. Sean: Yeah, I gussied up the map a little bit this year. Here's a link to last year's campaign page if you're interested: http://chicagoskirmish.blogspot.com/p/iron-isle-song-of-blades-heroes.html

    Thanks for the comments, y'all. You keep us going with the great feedback about our games!

  7. Your bat reps are better then anything on TV right now. OK, The Walking Dead is an exception, but still the reps are right up there for awesomeness!

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