Official Dice from Chicago Skirmish Wargames

Who doesn't love custom dice? When the CSW crew
decided to have some made, I expected it to be a chore. After doing
some initial research, I decided to contact Chessex Dice, located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I think it is safe to say that most gamers are familiar with their product.

I initially contacted them via a form on their web page.
Within hours, I was contacted by Joseph Kogin with their custom
manufacturing division. We discussed pricing and size options, and he
provided me with a VERY extensive list of possible colors.

At that time, we were not sure what version of our logo we
would use on the dice. I mentioned some of our thoughts to him, and
pointed him to this blog to see the existing logo.

after, I received pictures of some dice that he mocked up. I thought at
first that these were renders, but no -- they were the real thing. He made a
couple dice to give us a good idea of what we were getting. We were so
impressed with these that we decided to double our initial order.

The dice took a few weeks to manufacture, and arrived just in
time for us to use them at our 3rd annual zombie game. We are very
pleased with them. Bonus: They arrived lucky. I rolled a ton of sixes
that night!

I want to stress that our experience with Chessex was
fantastic. Each step of the way, they made us feel like we were their
biggest client ever. When our stock runs out, we won't hesitate to place
another order with them.

We've got a good quantity of these dice, and we thought it might be fun to get them into the hands of blog readers around the world. If you'd like to buy a few (minimum three dice) and help support our game club, please email and we'll work out pricing and quantity.

-- Josh, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

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