Playtesting a New Scenario for Wreck-Age

At last week's game night, Tim and I decided to test a new Wreck-Age scenario I was working on. It centered around a group of Technology Reclaimers and Stitchmen (evil doctors) hunting for remnants of medical tech in an around a derelict hospital in a bombed out town.

The idea was that there were six objective markers on the map (placed randomly), and two of these were marked on the bottom to represent medical tech. The Reclaimers' objective was to find at least one piece of tech and escape off the board. The Stitchmen could reclaim the tech also, but they got extra points for incapacitating Reclaimer models.

It sounded like a really fun idea, but it was a complete failure! On the second turn, we each managed to find one of the "medical tech markers." My Reclaimers were so close to the board edge that it would only take them two turns to make it off the board, and Tim's Stitchers had no hope of catching them.

We agreed that the scenario as written will need to be completely reworked, but we decided to keep playing, so the game devolve into a shootout. 

In Wreck-Age, when rolling for attack, one die is always designated the "malfunction" die. When you roll a one on this die, it means your weapon malfunctions. This happened to me more than once -- killing a model in one case! The Reclaimers lost badly, but I think it was the most fun I've ever had losing a game.

We'll doubtless be playing Wreck Age some more in the future. What sort of scenario would you like to see us run?

-- Josh, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

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