The Wild Druids of Vitu Daru

Here is my warband for our upcoming Song of Blades & Heroes campaign. I painted most of these guys toward the end of last year and have been slowly adding to the warband ever since.

The Arboria of Vitu Daru is the oldest forest in all of Qaarra, and it is protected by an ancient sect of powerful druids. Though most members abhor violence, they will stop at nothing to protect their woods.

As the darkness fell over Qaarra, the trees began to wither and die. The Vitu Darunian Druids consulted the ancient Scrying Stones at the glade in the center of their lands, and decided that something must be done.

They left the woodlands to uncover the truth behind the darkness, and stop it at all costs.

Arborius is the ancient and powerful leader of the Druids. His age-old powers grant him control over nearby flora. Whenever Arborius appears, the mysterious Tree of Fate will be nearby. Some say that the druid is but a branch of that ancient tree.

Florifera the Wild has been studying under Arborius since she was a child. Her Tree-kin constructs are never far behind her.

You wouldn't like Florifera when she gets angry...

Ursun Fur Walker was a warrior from across the Western Seas. He was shipwrecked 15 years ago near Port Windspiel, and the druids nursed him back to health. He found that he enjoyed the calm of the forest. He trained two wolves, Summer, and Winter, to help protect the druids. As thanks, he was given a mystical bear pelt. Now he is ready to pick up his rusted axe to defend his new family.

Ursun's fur protects him from more than the cold winters...

Check back for photos of these guys in action when our summer campaign gets underway.

-- Josh, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

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