Quake and Mourn Campaign: Raid on the Arboria of Vitu Daru

(Editor's note: We played the first session of our new fantasy campaign this week, with 7 players in attendance at Games Plus. We played at least 8 individual games and will try to produce battle reports on most of them.)

In the first game, my Wild Druids of Vitu Daru were performing a ritual using the Scrying Stones to try and pinpoint the source of the land's blight. The Tharks of the Wyl'st Horde (Tim's warband) mustered to raid the forest and stop the druidic ritual!

This scenario had a six-turn limit. The druids had to protect the Scrying Stones! At least one of the three human druids on the battlefield had to stay within medium range of the Scrying Stones for the duration of the game in order to complete the ritual.

Due to the effects of the ritual, druid warband members within long range of the Scrying Stones get +1 to their Combat rolls. The druids started in a circle one near the dais in the center of the forest.

Tim's attackers had to kill the heathens or force them far enough back from the scrying stone so that the ritual was interrupted. The Tharks started within long range of any board edge.

Wes Wyl, one of Tim's more fearsome creations, led the charge astride a HUGE Thoat mount. The rest of the Tharks, lead by J'en Jexxs the Mighty, were not far behind.

Summer and Winter, the brave two-headed wolves, met the huge beast in combat, but were destroyed.

Using their natural powers, the treekin sent their roots burrowing up through the ground to entangle their enemies, while the druids tried to land killing blows.

Finally, summoning a rage from deep within himself, Ursun Fur-Walker felled the great beast.

The battle was furious and chaotic. The Tharks of the Wyl'st almost managed to overrun the Druid's defenses, but even as Tharks and druids slaughtered each other in the forest, Arborius the druid managed to complete the ritual.

A sense of newfound purpose filled the druid's soul. The warband now has a sense of direction. After dispatching the Tharks, they set off on a quest across Qaarra to repair the blight and return natural order to the chaotic lands.

This was a fun scenario, and it provided a great narrative jumping-off point for my  but I think it still needs some tweaking. The +1 to combat should be limited to just the area inside the circle. I also think the attackers should start a little farther away from the dais in the center to give the defenders a little more time to set up a defensive plan.

Stay tuned for more battle reports from our first campaign session!

-- Josh, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

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