Quake & Mourn Campaign: Session 2 Report

Last week a few players got together for some make-up campaign games, so we decided to combine their results with the campaign report from the previous week's game. So we'll call this the Session 2 Report, even though it encompasses games that took place over the last couple of weeks. You can find the locations for the battles by taking a look at our awesome campaign map, which was hand-drawn by Mattias.

The Scourge of Longrieve vs. Deep Woods Vengers vs. Tharks of Wyl'st Horde
Location: Vildeburg, Old Town
Scenario: Tug of War (modified)

This three-player game took place in a ruined section of Vildeburg, the main city in our campaign world. Karl quit the field early, Pat soldiered on and took more casualties, and eventually Tim won by virtue of his impressive firepower. Click here to read an expanded battle report with lots more photo.

The Scourge of Longrieve vs. Deep Woods Vengers vs. Tharks of Wyl'st Horde
Location: Vildeburg, City Center
Scenario: Critters!

Our second three-player game of the evening saw the warbands competing to capture foul, chittering beasts that were pouring out of a magic portal that sprang up in the center of Vildeburg. We used this scenario as an opportunity to really pack the table full of buildings from our fairly impressive shared collection of terrain.

Anyway, Karl won the scenario after ensnaring five demon creatures with his elven warband.

Nobanga's Ronin vs. Deep Woods Vengers
Location: Grimshade Hills, along the edge of the Hollowbone Mountains
Scenario: Defend the Find
Jon's warband, Nobanga's Band of Ronin, faced off against Karl's Deep Woods Vengers as they struggled to "Defend the Find," in this case two barrels of potent healing water from a sacred spring. The spring, located in the wilds where the Grimshade Hills meet the Hollowbone Mountains, is claimed by many factions.

It was a quick battle, and it was cut short when Nobanga himself went down early in a valiant face-off against the elvish horde. He survived the battle, and having no lord to fail, he was luckily not required to commit seppuku.

After the battle, Nobanga's band survived by fleeing across a rope bridge, and the Deep Woods Vengers failed to catch a wolf while exploring a cave. Karl

was the winner.

Nobanga's Ronin vs. Tharks of Wyl'st Horde vs. the Deepwood's Vengers 
Location: Brionbock Dale
Scenario: The Streets of Vildeburg (modified)

The three warbands met at a crossroads and began taunting each other and daring the other warbands to come into their territory. We played a quick version of this scenario since we were nearing the end of our game night. The Tharks and Ronin immediately joined forces to defeat the elves, which had bested each of them in previous fights. The elves attempted to flee, but their leader, the Bearer of the Headstaff, went down in combat, causing even more confusion in retreat.

Soon the elves were out, and the Ronin swarmed across the table and seized their opponents' territory. Victory went to the Ronin! After the battle, Karl's leader survived, but the attacker's blades must have been tainted, for he is now a mutant!

The Tainted Thegn and His Dire Men vs. Green Orc Raiders
Location: Valkenrath Palisades
Scenario: All-Out Battle
This report was missing from the session one blog post from a couple of weeks ago, so we're just now getting around to it. Mattias and Mike fought a battle in the shadows of the Valkenrath mountains. The orc leaders were fighting under a cursed moon this night, because victory went to the Dire Men in quick fashion. But even so, Blind Krell, standard bearer to the Tainted Thegn, was slain. The Banner of the Mumbling, Many-eyed Thing must now pass into new hands. Perhaps the hands of someone who is not so blind?
After the battle, the Dire Men came to a Cursed Glade. Toller Brigg, a scout for the foul agents, was first to wander in and will be fighting the next battle with a -1 Quality penalty. The orcs, of course, found an ale house.

We're playing again next week, so stay tuned for more campaign games!

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

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