Quake & Mourn Campaign: Tug of War in the Ruined City

Last week a few of us got together for a couple more campaign games. Since there were three players available, we found some multiplayer scenarios in the big Song of Blades & Heroes scenario book that we've been using for the campaign. If you've not flipped through it before, it's worth a look; the book is full of scenarios ported over from Warhammer Fantasy and Mordheim, all ready to play in Song of Blades & Heroes.

The first game took place in Vildeburg's Old Town neighborhood, an urban district strewn with crumbling ruins. The three warbands (Tim's Tharks, Karl's Deep Woods Vengers, and Pat's Scourge of Longrieve) were battling to seize control of the ruins, as rumor had it that they housed an entrance into the sewers and dungeons beneath Vildeburg.

Here are Karl's elves in their deployment zone.

Here are Tim's Tharks arranged at the edge of the city district.

And here are my chaos raiders, known collectively as the Scourge of Longrieve.

And with that, we were off! Karl and Tim were a bit closer than I was, so they opened the game with a series of probing attacks against each other. Here Tim's Tharks advance through the outlying streets.

Karl sent his elven prince galloping ahead into the ruins, where he hoped to secure an early foothold.

Meanwhile, his archers advanced as a group, hoping to use their group fire ability.

Across the table, Har'Khul the Mindflayer mustered his warriors and sent them scurrying through the ruins, hoping to seize the objective.

In the background of the pic below, you can see the ghoul that I found in last session's game. He joined my team and was happy for the chance to prove his undead worth to Har'Khul.

Here's a look at the Old Town district in the center. You can see figures from all three factions beginning to infiltrate the ruins.

Alas, it was right around this point that Karl's warband took a turn for the tragic. His winged elf goddess was slain in single combat, along with a few more elvish casualties, which prompted Karl to quit the field before his losses mounted. Here are his elves beating a hasty retreat off the battlefield.

That meant it was all up to me to stymie Tim's advance. His Tharks were marauding through the ruins by this point, so I sent my shock troops in as quickly as I could. Alas, poor dice rolling swung the game in Tim's favor pretty quickly. Here are a couple more pics of the carnage before I yielded and withdrew.

It was a great game, and we all got gold and loot in varying degrees after the campaign was over. Song of Deeds & Glory has a nice, extensive list of random tables that you roll on after each battle to determine the fate of casualties, as well as whether or not you found anything cool in the territory you just fought over.

We actually ended up playing two games that night, so check back soon for our next battle report!

-- Patrick, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

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