Quake & Mourn Campaign Report: Session 5 Report

We continued our summer fantasy campaign with a game night at Josh's house last month. As we are capping the number of sessions at 6, this was our penultimate engagement!

On the east side of the table, Josh, Matt and I played out the "Tug of War" scenario near a haunted graveyard in the foothills of the Hollowbone Mountains. Matt, an occasional player who wasn't running a campaign warband, took the field with Josh's fearsome team from last year, Prince Roland's Company. Josh played his Druids of Vitu Daru and I played my Deep Woods Vengers.

The Tug of War scenario divides the table into as many sections as there are players. Players get points for how many of their characters are in opponents' sections of the board.

As the game opened, the druids were slow to advance, but the elves of the Deep Woods.

This proved to be a bad strategy, as their queen was quickly mowed down by the massed firepower of Prince Roland's Company.

After a bit of retreating, however, they charged back and began their own barrage of shooting.

This resulted in a scrum between the two groups that would last the rest of the game.

You may wonder where the Druids were through all of this. Odd that we haven't seen more of them, especially since Josh was taking the pictures. Well, after a few delays, they crept around the opposite side of the table and deposited almost all of themselves in my table sector, a turn before the game was to end.

Darn those sneaky Druids!

By this time, casualties had reduced my force to a mere shadow of its former power, so I was no threat, and Matt didn't have enough of his warband to be able to put more troops than Josh in an enemy section. We ceded the field to Josh's superior strategy: play the scenario!

My warband was the only advancing warband, and things went bad after the battle. The Lord of the Upper Forest was dead, and though the Lady of the Upper Forest recovered, she was scarred by the battle and gained the hatred of humans ability. Very fitting for a ruthless elf queen, don't you think?
Victory: Josh
Loss: Matt and Karl

On the west side of the table, Mattias and Tim were playing out a slave raid on a small village in near Port Windspiel. This was a great chance to show off the new Miniature Building Authority buildings that Josh had acquired recently. Their Spanish stucco style was very refreshing, given the traditional Medieval European nature of most fantasy villages.

Tim's Tharks were the defenders, safeguarding a town of human allies.

Mattias' Followers of Tainted Thegn were the attackers, looking for slaves, information, food, breeding stock, sacrifice, or some combination thereof.

The slavers captured enough townspeople to get a draw, but retreated into the night when the their leader was bested in combat with the Thark commander.

After the battle, the grateful townsfolk granted the Tharks unlimited use of the town smithy.
Result: Tie

Here are the standings after tallying the victories and defeats in our five campaign sessions so far.

  • The Druids of Vitu Daru (Josh) 3-1 
  • The Scourge of Longrieve (Pat) 2-3-1 
  • The Tainted Thegn and his Dire Men (Mattias) 2-2-1 
  • Tharks of the Wyl'st Horde (Tim) 4-4-2 
  • Deep Woods Vengers (Karl) 4-5-1 
  • The Unnamed Orcs (Terrence) 1-1 
  • Nobanga's Ronin (Jon) 2-1

Check back soon for an apocalyptic battle report from our six and final campaign session!

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

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