Chicago Police from Tactical Miniatures and West Wind

Here's another one of those projects that I started long before I had a use for it. I'd been wanting to paint up some Chicago Police Department officers since I picked up four packs of cops at Little Wars for stupid cheap money two years ago. Here's what I ended up with.

  • "Rookie Cops" and "Narcotics Team" from Tactical Miniatures, now owned by Armorcast and available here.
  • "Police Officers" and "Detectives in Tactical Body Armor" from West Wind, still available direct from West Wind in the UK or from Old Glory in the USA.

I recently painted up the Rookie Cops and Police Officers. First up, I'll discuss the Rookie Cops from Tactical Miniatures.

These guys are very realistically proportioned to the point of maybe being a bit too slender. I ended up with a nice selection of poses and weapons with a modern sculpting style.

And here's a look at the West Wind Police Officers.

These have more of a chunky, mid-90s style to them. They remind me a bit of the Copplestone or Foundry style. They have less fine detail than many current miniatures, and have more of a uniform appearance (no pun intended) with caps, long sleeves and generic semi-auto pistol.

I painted these guys with my usual base colors, a bit of drybrush for the hair and then a brush-dip of Minwax Polyshades Tudor. However, this time I tried something new for me. I painted freehand Chicago flags on all the officers, and checkerboard rims on the caps of the West Wind figures (an essential CPD detail).

I used a micron pen for the black checks and the blue stripes.

It turned out OK -- nothing to write home about, but good for a tabletop-quality paintjob.

These figures are virtually stock, though I cut their slotted tabs down to pegs so I could mount them on plastic bases. I also cut away the insignia on the right shoulders of a couple minis to make space for the Chicago flag.

Speaking of bases, like the Van Saar I painted a couple months ago, I based the cops on Champ Industries plastic scenic bases, in this case the "Urban Design" set.

Though they only come in four styles, the Urban Design set is a nice set of plastic bases depicting broken pavement with some half-buried metal beams. It's very reminiscent of the ancient streetcar and train rails that still show through some Chicago streets.

The bases are slightly bigger than a standard 25mm slotted base (a bit over 26mm in diameter) but you wouldn't notice on the tabletop.

Despite the difference in proportions, I think the two lines will look fine on the tabletop together.

Of course what police force would be complete without some cruisers? I picked up a few of these Welly brand 1/43 Ford Crown Victoria cruisers in Chicago Police Department livery a few years ago.

This vehicle is still a CPD icon even as it's being phased out in favor of smaller Taurus and Explorer based interceptors.

Here's a look at the whole group.

There you have it, a CPD unit ready for action. These figures were a joy to paint and finished up very quickly. I can recommend them without reservations to anyone who needs some cops on their table. I still don't have a concrete use for them yet. They might make their way into next year's Halloween zombie apocalpyse, or perhaps they'll fight alongside superheroes in our next game of Power Legion.

When I paint up the narc team and detectives, I'll have enough variety to make a very cool police force for "Fistful of Kung Fu", a Hong Kong action movie ruleset from Osprey that I recently picked up.

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

4 responses to “Chicago Police from Tactical Miniatures and West Wind

  1. Great looking Police. Love the car!

  2. Great cops. Very cool that they work out great for the CPD.

  3. Thanks Folks,
    Glad you liked them. If you want the car you can still find it on Ebay searching for "1/43 Chicago"

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