Armor Reinforcements for Warpath and 40k

I finally brush-dipped and varnished the Leman Russ tanks I painted up for our mega-apocalypse Warpath game from last month. You can read all about it right here.

These vehicles are mostly stock with a couple of modifications, and they received a quick paint job of base colors, drybrush and brush-dip with Minwax Polyshades Tudor. One of these was a kit that I've had sitting around for about a decade and the other is a rescue of a very poorly painted (Testors gloss enamels, ugh) tank I got from Tim.

I lengthened barrel on the this cannon.

And I added a classic metal Imperial Guard tank commander figure -- something I've always wanted to paint one up. Here he is, with a small gas-mask bit from the Imperial Guard command sprue.

This one has a couple of metal plasma cannons from the old Demolisher kit. I'm not sure plasma cannons are an option for standard Leman Russ tanks at the moment, but I'm quite certain I don't care.

The head on the commander is from Pig Iron Productions. Every human figure in my Imperial Guard force has a gas mask.

The mud is Sheetrock brand paint texture mixed into brown paint.

All in all, these were a fun couple of tanks to build and paint.

I can't imagine anyone ponying up the $50 each that Leman Russ tanks cost nowadays, but I've got a soft spot for these ungainly sci-fi-meets-WWI behemoths and was glad to add them to my army.

I don't play 40k anymore, but Warpath is always an inspiration to paint up a unit or two. So, expect the army to continue to slowly grow...I've still got a Valkyrie VTOL, some Ogryns, a small platoon of infantry and a few Chimera transports waiting for the brush.

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

5 responses to “Armor Reinforcements for Warpath and 40k

  1. Looking good, I like the elongated barrel, it doesn't look silly long like the standard vanquisher. .. the old metal guard tank crew are lovely sculpts and packed with character for such 'incidental' minis. I used to use a pair on foot as 'bodyguards' in my mechanised infantry's company command squad before that particular option was axed 🙁
    (Plasma cannon sponsons are legit for 40k btw)

  2. Thanks Phil,
    Long, but not too long was exactly what I was going for with the extended barrel. Good to know that a standard russ can now have the plasma cannons. Back in the day I think it was only for LR Demolishers.

  3. It's a very nice color scheme.

  4. Thanks!
    The rust-red color is just ruddy brown spray primer (From Krylon I think). I've used it for my entire army
    is primed/bascoated with it. I'm totally sold on colored spray paints and primers for basecoats now as a way of speeding up the painting process.

  5. Hi Karl,
    I hear you about the cost for the tanks now. I always liked the looks of them and bought and painted the one I used as a stand in for our Konflict ’47 game. At $50.00 plus I am not planning on buying any more of these tanks.

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