Fully Painted: Dust Tactics Warzone Tenements

I've completed the seven buildings made from modified Dust Tactics Warzone Tenement kits that I showcased in a previous post. I tried a number of different painting ideas with these, so be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Building 1 - Boarded-Up Building
I built this one with no interior access. The printed card flooring pieces that are included in each kit were used to cover the windows and doors.

The recessed rear entrance was made by cutting apart the interior brick corner pieces.

I added various greebles and used my typical gravel-and-tar-style roofing texture. The a/c unit is built from Hirst Arts blocks.

Building 2 - Small Apartment Block
Here's a similiar building. On this one, however, I experimented with brush-dipping the building using Minwax Polyshades Tudor. It's the only one painted this way, and the results are fine, but this method increased the drying time, which is annoying, and the difference isn't enough to replace my usual washes.

The roof is made from Dust Tactics Quonset Huts and removes for interior access.

Here's the rear view.

Building 3 - Medium Apartment Block 
L-shaped buildings are a great way to increase the amount and direction of cover that a building offers.

This a/c unit is built from five medical specimen cases.

By removing most attachment tabs, I made the second floor removable for access. It works OK but sticks sometimes, so I probably should have just made the roof removable.

Building 4 - Repair Shop

This represents my only attempt at a two-tone building, and I kind of wish I'd painted more like this.
It has a piece of self-adhesive vinyl composite tile (VCT) glued to the top. The signs, Quonset hut, bits and gravel on the roof were simply pressed onto the sticky side of the tile with no additional glue needed.

VCT is really easy to score and break, though I recommend sanding the slick top side if you're going to glue or paint it.

The large rear opening allows for interior access without a removable roof and is big enough to accommodate many vehicles and mechs. The retracted doors are just pieces of cardboard stuck into the side grooves of the wall pieces.

Note the header over the doorway. This is made from the top parts of wall sections, which were relatively easy to cut away. I think it looks much better than simply leaving an empty space.

Here's a look at a few more interesting Hirst Arts bits. I've no idea what they were intended to be, but they make great vents, lights and intercoms.

Building 5 - Large Boarded-Up Warehouse

This is the only other building made with no interior access. I've covered all windows with medical specimen cases. I think these bits look equally good as sci-fi window grates or as the metal screens used to secure vacant buildings throughout Chicago.

Another header over the rear garage entrance was made by cutting apart a wall section.

Building 6 - Large Apartment Block

Here's another standard building, though I rather like the tower corner.

This one has the VCT roofs, and this time they are removable.

Building 7 - The Grand Hotel 

I'm particularly proud of how this one came out. The awning came from a Thomas and Friends Knapford Station toy playset I found at Goodwill, though lots of matte varnish and drybrushing was needed to muck it up. I kept the stock green framing rather than risk screwing it up with a repaint.

The u-shape in the back makes a great place for concealment.

More fun with VCTs! This building has a removable top floor and roofs.

All together now!

All of these were basecoated with various colored spray paints, mostly Krylon camo sprays along with gray and ruddy brown colored primers.

After that, all but one were drybrushed with a lighter shade, washed with dark brown, and most got a final dusty tan drybrush. The dark grey color of the plastic is an excellent base for this paint scheme, and it speeds up the painting process immensely.

The interior floors are mostly the cardboard floor sections included in the kits, though some have VCT pieces or plastic card floors.

I think the final buildings could have been improved with some signage and graffiti, but it was a higher priority to keep them genre and era neutral.

All in all, this is a very pleasing set of buildings. They should have no problem fitting into modern day, near future, cyberpunk or even sci-fi settings. I'm sure they'll see use in many games!

The main impetus for this project was that, for the first time, CSW will be hosting a game at Adepticon! We plan to run a game of Mech Attack on a glorious 28mm scale urban battlefield. It will be similar to our past games at Little Wars (which we also plan to attend) but this time the table will be expanded to 8x8 feet and will have lots of new terrain and a new gaming surface. Adepticon is known for having really good looking games and excellent terrain and I want our showing to be just as impressive.

If you're in town for Adepticon in March, look us up!

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

7 responses to “Fully Painted: Dust Tactics Warzone Tenements

  1. Well those are pretty great. Doubly sad I did not get any now.

  2. Thanks, Bob!

    Glad you like them. Here's to hoping for another FFG Clearance sale!

    -Karl, CSW

  3. Those are inspiringly/intimidatingly brilliant. I have said this before, but you have an amazing eye for this sort of work.

  4. Thanks for the high praise!
    Almost everything I know about greebling and building with toys and junk I learned from Sean Patten's site.
    The Necromundicon and Votoms Campaign sections are my favorite, but the ENTIRE site is filled with useful ideas and worth exploring.

  5. Fantastic, I have a few of these sitting around, it never occurred to me to use them for anything other than dust. Gotham does spring to mind, doesn't it?

  6. WONDERFUL use of the Dust buildings! Many, many thanks! 🙂

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