Getting the Most from Dust Tactics Tenement Buildings

Last year I sold off a large medieval army, and I turned right around and sunk the proceeds into nine boxes of Dust Tactics Warzone Tenements from Fantasy Flight Games' year-end sale. There are already some fine reviews of the product out there, so this article will focus mainly on how to get the most out of these kits.

The kits themselves are very well made. The components arrive off the sprue and partially assembled (front and back wall sections). Cleanup isn't necessary, and you can start building immediately. It may take a bit to familiarize yourself with the metrics and proportions used for the various sizes of walls, but once you get the hang of it these buildings go together easily and somewhat intuitively.

In a future post I will display all the completed structures, but today I'll show a just a few.

This first building is entirely closed, so there was no need to use the floor pieces or put on a removable roof.

I used cardboard floor sections to cover the windows and doors on the front. The wooden sign sections are from little bags of pre-cut wood that you can find at the craft store. I highly recommend these wood pieces for detail work on your buildings.

In this building, some Hirst Arts plaster bits provide tech details and the rooftop air conditioning unit. The Hirst pieces came from fellow blogger Lucky Joe, who sent me a bunch of extra bits a while back. They've sat in my collection unused for several years, but they were a godsend for this project.

If you know anyone who casts Hirst Arts, I highly recommend inquiring about leftovers. Most folks will have a lot of random, unused pieces after given project.

The rear side of the building has medical specimen cases as window coverings. They look a lot like metal board-up screens. The garage door is single-sided corrugated cardboard. The lights are Hirst Arts pipe ends pointed downward.

This next building uses the Dust Tactics Quonset Huts as roof sections.

The huts are almost exactly the same width as a building made with the short wall sections.

For this one, I had to cut some of the huts down, but the grooves on the roofs make for very easy cutting. More Hirst Arts bits -- sci-fi tube curves in this case -- made for great light fixtures.

The little round vents are small medical bits of unknown origin. The second story of this building lifts away, which was made possible by removing almost all of the connecting tabs and trimming the remaining tabs down.

Here's a trio of buildings.

The masked-off awning is from a toy train station that I found at a resale shop. The purple and yellow vents are the caps from baby food pouches. For these roofs, I tried something different that worked really well. The roofs are self-adhesive vinyl composite tiles. At about $1 per square foot, these cheap tiles have adhesive on one side.

You can put them sticky side down as seen on the 2nd floor of the middle building, or (as with the rest) you can put them sticky side up. The glue is sticky enough that almost all the stuff on top of them required no glue. After I attached the various details, I sprinkled sand over the rest of the sticky surfaces to simulate the tar and gravel roofs that are so common in the city. Black gesso will nicely cover any remaining adhesive Almost all roofs lift off to access the interior of the buildings.

That's all for now! I'm working on two more buildings, but you'll have to wait for the next post to see them all. Here's a teaser of what's to come when I show off all seven finished buildings…

Stay tuned!

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

0 responses to “Getting the Most from Dust Tactics Tenement Buildings

  1. I will start the slow clap now. Very impressive sir.

  2. Those look great… I was denied my funding request to buy "a cart full" of these during the recent sale, so I am pretty envious…

  3. Thanks folks,
    I'm glad you like them. The sale was a pretty great excuse to stock up, but since FFG is losing the distribution for Dust, I'm hoping there will be another blowout sale. There's a bunch of tanks I'd love to add to my collection.

    Be looking out as the finished pics should be up in a few days or so.
    -Karl, CSW

  4. That looks marvellous. Will be wondrous when finished.

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