Would You Explore These Dark Depths?

Right on schedule, my shipment from 2014's Dwarven Forge Caverns Kickstarter arrived last fall. I participated in the Dungeon Tiles Kickstarter as well, so I was excited to use these new pieces on the table alongside my existing collection.

First, though, I needed a paint scheme. Aside from a few splatters of blood, slime and ooze, my dungeon tiles were mostly monochromatic, as you can see in this pic from a recent game.

That's fine for a dungeon, but the level of sculpting and detail on these cavern pieces begged for a more diverse palette. So I tried added in some bursts of color to the various textures and growths on the cavern walls. Depending on the scenario, these scenic bits can either represent verdant fungi, toxic mold, or even precious gems and ores to be mined and extracted by an enterprising underground expedition.

You be the judge. Would you light a torch and plumb these dark depths?

- Patrick, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

2 responses to “Would You Explore These Dark Depths?

  1. Hell yes. Say the word :).

  2. I saw the kickstarter for this but the postage to nz just made it undo-able… It looks great and I would have loved to have gotten a set or two….
    Great painting on them, by the way….

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