Fully Painted: Radioactive Space Mutants

After seeing Karl's Sedition Wars Vanguard troops, I decided to paint
up the Strain figures to oppose them. Since I had also split Deadzone
with Karl and had the Plague figures from that waiting for paint, I opted to join these two forces together with a common paint job. Both
sets of figures are slimy space mutants with a love of capri pants, so
they fit together naturally.
I chose a cartoony, radiation-burned, bright, and sloppy paint scheme for these figures to highlight
their relatively soft details. Overall, these are good but not amazing
sculpts. The Sedition Wars figures have more (but shallower) details on
the bodies, but details like faces and hands on both lines tend to melt
into blobs.  Like Karl, I ran into a few pieces that did not quite fit together, especially the two halves of the Strain stage 4 body.  I was able to fit them together by
softening  the smaller piece in hot water and pressing it into place.
The Plague and Strain figures are both split into a series
that get progressively larger and more infected.

Plague stage 3, two Strain phase 1, Plague stage 3, and Strain phase 2

Strain phase 2, Plague stage 2

Plague stage 1, Strain phase 4

chose not to paint the Scythe Witch and Cthonian sculpts from Sedition
Wars at this time, because I do not feel they fit with the rest of these

-- Tim, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

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