Fantasy Warriors Tower, a Rockpile and a Mystery

Despite the mechs that need to be finished before Adepticon, I procrastinated some more and made some medieval fantasy scenery.

First, a dirty pile of rocks. It's just a repainted vinyl/plastic toy I found.

It's flat on the back, so you can place it right up against another piece of terrain. Looks slightly odd, but at least it's detailed.

I want to know where this is from. This was originally a toy of some sort, probably a display for some character, but it lacks pegs to hold up an action figure. On the bottom it says "2003 NLP Inc. Marvel Ent. Inc." It has a speaker and battery compartment on the bottom, and one of the rocks is a button. Unfortunately I've got no mini-batteries to try out the sound. If you know what it is, please let me know in the comments.

My second project was a tower that Pat gave me last week.

As it happens, this tower is a bit of gaming history. It was made in the 90s by the company Dragon Castles Inc., and was sold through Grenadier as part of the "Warlord Keep" set for their "Fantasy Warriors" game.

It was also likely sold separately through game stores, since I and others recall seeing it in game stores back in the day. Thanks to the crew on The Miniatures Page for helping discover the source of this tower.

It's made of wood and was covered in that spray stone stuff that is textured and grey with black flecks.
It looked more like a toy, but as it was already textured, I just gave it a black prime followed by brown, tan and bamboo colored drybrushes. I did the same on the roof, minus the second and third drybrush color.

The roof removes and there are two wood doors that can be slid out. You can see the original grey color inside the tower.

And to answer the question all fantasy gamers will have. Yes, it's even taller than a Marauder mech!

Well, the tower turned out pretty good, which leaves us with a tip for the budget gamer. I've passed up a fair amount of cheap second-hand terrain covered in this faux-rock finish, which to be honest looks a bit dated and not really up to par with current terrain techniques.

Now I know that it's a great surface texture that's easy to update with just a few layers of paint.

Don't forget to chime in if you have any ideas about the origin of my mysterious rock pile!

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

4 responses to “Fantasy Warriors Tower, a Rockpile and a Mystery

  1. Thanks for that!
    The Mystery is solved and now maybe I should put a battery in there to add some audio to our games.

    When I first saw "NLP" I thought of LotR, but I dismissed it when I saw "Marvel". I guess those toy makers are a "Tricksy" lot.


  2. In fantasy games, wizards can build castles using magic spells such as "Wall of Stone". The spell description says the surface is rough. This looks like a good example of what a wizard could build with his magic.

    I think the tower looks great — it's painted! If it were mine, I would print off a Fat Dragon Games castle wall section on card stock, and glue that to the wood, touching up the seams with either a black marker, or gray marker. There are many ways to 'texture'/'paint' a castle. Your's is just one example — and a very good one, too. Cheers!

  3. Thanks!
    Paper texture is one good option, but might be a bit hard with the uneven textured finish though. I even consdiered scraping away some of the texture and gluing card "rocks" in certain spaces to look like mortar had broken away.

    In the end I went with a black prime and some drybrushings because it was so darn easy.


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