Mech Attack Playtest: Flyers, Jump Jets and Fisticuffs!

Recently we gathered at Karl’s house to for our regular gaming session. While Karl and Tim

spent the evening learning Saga, Mattias, Michael, and I chose Mech Attack. Unlike the 28mm monster

game we typically run at conventions, this game was set at 10mm and took up considerably less space. We also

tried out a playtest version of the latest ruleset which includes aircraft, melee combat, and jump-jet


Michael picked a force of just three big, powerful mechs. I took two mechs and three tanks,

while Mattias grabbed a bit of everything, including a plane and a jump-jet mech with fists for punching.

The first turn was mostly spent getting into position as we dodged through a modern city. We had no real objectives beyond the destruction of our foes. The long-range firing proved

relatively ineffective as we jockeyed for position.

While Mattias and Michael exchanged long-range fire

with their two heavies, I ran most of my mechs and tanks straight at Mattias. One of my tanks held off

Michael on my flank, but proved completely
outmatched against his small mech.

What happens when a plane fights a mech at close range? We found out a few turns in, when both the airplane and the close combat mech with jump jets got to prove themselves.

The plane dropped down to attack one of Michael’s heavy mechs in the rear, but did not accomplish

much more than scratching the paint. All the mech had to do was turn around and blast away for two

turns before the plane was gone. The close combat mech also proved relatively useless, spending the

entire game punching one of my tanks. We all agreed that if that mech had been a medium or a heavy it

would have done far more damage.

As the game continued, Mattias’s force crumbled between Michael and me. He was forced into a

fighting withdrawal and probably would have made it off the board if the game hadn’t ended when it


My medium mech survived an incredible amount of punishment and by the end had only three

boxes of armor left out of the 50 or 60 it started with. My heavy mech was battered by Michael's two big mechs and ended up a burning wreck. My tanks proved fairly useless and I don’t think I’ll use them very

often in the future.

We all had fun trying out the new, revised playtest rules for Mech Attack and I will certainly purchase them when

they become available.

-- Mike C., Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

2 responses to “Mech Attack Playtest: Flyers, Jump Jets and Fisticuffs!

  1. Always enjoy what you guys post.

  2. Good stuff. I like Mech Attack and am looking forward to the second edition.

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