Small-Scale Building Commissions

I recently completed my first small-scale commission work. Two different customers both requested 6mm buildings. The finished structures below borrow shamelessly from Sean Patten's inspiring Gundam terrain, and like his, they are based around cassette tape cases with a variety of added bits.

As I don't have any 6mm miniatures, I've used 10mm rebased Mechwarrior units for scale purposes. Except for a few very small ground doors, I think these pieces will work equally well in either scale.

These first two are a pair of Mars Colony themed buildings. The quonset-style roofs were a surprise resale find and are from the "Robotix" line of toys.

I only got one picture of this one, but it's pretty symmetrical anyway.

These next three are more traditional urban-industrial style buildings. These are more directly based on the Ironhands style of Gundam buildings. This customer is working on a Gundam game project of his own.

Small Warehouse 

Medium Factory 

Large Repair Center 

Small-scale building was a bit of a switch for me from the 28mm stuff that I usually make. Extensive fine detail at this scale isn't really doable without a massive investment of time and bits, so it becomes a matter of viewing the building at arms length and deciding what details will make the structure "pop" on the table. I'm still working on the balance between contrasting colors, but I think I'm getting to a method that produces pretty solid results.

I'm fairly new to commission work, but I can build/paint more of these on request. The starting price is $15 + shipping for a building the size of the white structure and goes up from there based on size and individual requests. Of course larger and other scale buildings (28mm, etc…) can be done as well.

-- Karl, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

4 responses to “Small-Scale Building Commissions

  1. what a great idea. I have lots of mechwarrior stuff that I don't use as I don't like the rules and always intended to rebase/repaint them. This terrain makes the whole idea more doable!! good stuff!!

  2. Thanks,
    We've been using rebased MW units for a number of years. They're really pretty nice minias and we've used them in a variety of games including Future War Commander, Mech Attack, Panzer 8 Sci-Fi and Alpha Strike.

  3. These look great. What did you use for the exterior support grids with the diagonal running supports? Sean used them too and I'm trying to find something like them for my own buildings.

  4. Thanks!
    The supports are Platformer Terrain system pieces, distributed in the USA by Pegasus Hobbies The Platformer sets don't include enough pieces to make large 28mm structures, but they're a goldmine for small scale greebling.

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