“This Is Not A Test” Now Available!

Back in 2013 our club had the opportunity to playtest a new post-apocalyptic ruleset under development. We had a lot of fun offering feedback on "This Is Not A Test" from World's End Publishing, and now we're pleased to see that the game is available for purchase.

The PDF is available right now, and plans are afoot to produce a printed version. There's plenty of discussion about TNT (great acryonym!) over on the official Facebook group.

Perhaps most exciting are the miniatures that World's End Publishing has produced for this game. Some, like the Peacekeepers, represent official units in the game, but so far the line is generic enough that they'll work well on a variety of sci-fi, post-apoc, modern and pulp battlegrounds.

Doubtless we'll build some warbands this summer and try our luck in the irradiated Tri-State Wasteland!

-- Patrick, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

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