Fully Painted: DeepWars Dark Mariners

I picked these fantastic DeepWars Dark Mariner miniatures up at Adepticon in 2014. I started painting them right away, but never finished them as other projects came up. However, Pat has been pestering me for a while to finish them, so I decided to make it happen. These guys were an excuse to use all sorts of fun colors I never get to use normally.

This is the Vanguard Captain. He is a fun, dynamic sculpt, and has a really weird weapon. I tried to use a small color palette with common themes to bring the group together. All tentacles are purple with pink suckers. Shells are goldenrod. Armor is mostly tarnished brass.

This is the Annihilator Biomech. It is one of two resin models in this group. I painted the "power crystals" on his arm in a glossy teal with layers of iridescent medium to make them sparkle a bit.

Here is the Cephalid Scientist. The crystal on his staff is painted the same way as the others, and he also has a weird gun.

The is the Siren of the Deep. It's another fun, dynamic pose -- probably my favorite model in this group. I pinned her so that she appears to be floating over the base.

Here is a close-up. I really love the way her face turned out. You can also see a hint of the metallic purple base coat that all these models started with.

This is the Raider Cavern Crawler. I really like this guy too...he is just so creepy.

The Cephalid Scavengers are basically little crab thieves. I think the Cephalid Scientist can conjure them for assistance.

Here we have the Vanguard Marine, with (you guessed it) another weird weapon. I think this is my least favorite sculpt.

I believe this Deepspawn Reaver was human at one point. He is huge compared to the other humanoids in this group. Scale creep!

The Octopod Biomech is basically an octopus with a gun for a head.

Who wouldn't want to paint a sculpt like that?

Here's the other resin sculpt: the Cephalid Biomancer. Yep, it's another dude made out of tentacles. He has a shell hat and is carrying a little octopus pal. He reminds me a little of Orko from He-Man.

These two shots show some of the base detail. I chose to keep the highlights minimal, and added small areas of lightly blue tinged water to make them pop.

Overall, I am very happy with these minis and I'm glad Pat bugged me until I finished them. Look for them on the table during our upcoming summer Song of Blades and Heroes campaign!

-- Josh, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

2 responses to “Fully Painted: DeepWars Dark Mariners

  1. They look awesome great job dude.

  2. thanks, Simon! They will see their first game on Thursday, so keep an eye out for the bat rep,

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