Fully Painted: Flesh Mutants and Sci-Fi Objective Markers

A couple of months ago I was on a big STALKER kick -- playing the game every evening and browsing some of the excellent, inspiring work that folks are doing on the tabletop to bring this oddball genre to life.

Along the way I uncovered a pile of Sedition Wars Strain figures that I had acquired from Karl last year and promptly forgot about. I decided to give them a quick and dirty paintjob so they can serve as mutants and/or rad zombies for my post-apocalyptic games.

I used just three colors for the figures -- flesh tone, army drab for the pants, and a couple spots of yellow to highlight the weeping sores on the bodies. Then, of course, they got the dip, which brought everything together nicely. They won't win any awards, but they don't look half bad for an evening's work. You can see more pics of the mutants in action in our recent battle report.

Along with the mutants, I also finished off a half dozen resin objective markers. Originally designed and sold for Dystopian Wars, the markers are like little mini-dioramas with all sorts of nifty details, perfect for sci-fi or post-apocalyptic games.

That's it for now -- back to the workbench!

-- Patrick, Chicago Skirmish Wargames club member

4 responses to “Fully Painted: Flesh Mutants and Sci-Fi Objective Markers

  1. The mutants are straight out of C.H.U.D. – great work!

  2. Thanks guys! They are cheap to acquire, as the Sedition Wars boxed set can be found on clearance all over the internet these days.

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