New Chicago Skirmish Wargames Forum … Join Us!

Things have gotten a bit sparse here on the CSW blog of late, but never fear -- we recently launched a new forum and have moved much of our discussion and content posting over there. Check it out!

Big thanks to CSW member Josh for kitbashing this forum for us...we're particularly pleased with the rotating image header, featuring pics of members' painted minis!

We'll continue to post highlights to this blog, but the bulk of the game chatter, photo galleries and related talk will take place on the forum. It's our hope that you'll browse the forum, and maybe even join in the discussions from time to time! See you there!

2 responses to “New Chicago Skirmish Wargames Forum … Join Us!

  1. I am visiting Chicago this weekend. Any wargaming stores in Chicago city?

  2. Best place to check out is Games Plus. It's in the suburbs, but easily accessible via the Metra train line.

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