Wardens of the Red Queen: An Abyssal Dwarf Army build for ‘Kings of War’

Over the course of the last year, I have been building a Chaos Dwarf (CD) or Abyssal Dwarf army for Kings of War.  Progress has been slow, but real headway has been made, and I now have nearly 1000 pts completed and ready to be fielded with at least as many additional pts built and waiting for paint.  However, it will still be some time before I can put a purely CD themed army on the tabletop for large scale battles.  The army has a loose (very, very loose) Alice in Wonderland theme going for it with playing card based icons, checkerboard patterns, whimsical whorls, tall hats and caterpillars (soon to debut), and unusual creatures.  The color scheme is also a nod to the old school Games Workshop Chaos Dwarf primary color scheme of heavy bright Reds, Blues, and Yellows (though the yellows only come in very lightly here).

I decided to run several Forces of Nature Allies because several CD units do not have an equivalent model in the KOW Abyssal Dwarf list, despite being Chaos Dwarf related models from other manufacturer Chaos Dwarf lines.

The KoW list I am working on currently looks like this:

Iron Caster
Unit Size  Sp Me Ra De Att Ne    Pts
1    4 4+ -  5+ 2   11/13 105
Crushing Strength (1), Fireball (6), Heal (3 - works only on War Engines, Golems, and Immortal Guard), Individual, Inspiring (War engines only)

This is a custom build model from Reaper Bones, Mage Knight, and Russian Alternative models:

Greater Elemental - Monster (Taken from the Forces of Nature Neutral List this will eventually be fielded with Fire Salamander or other standard units from this list)
Unit Size  Sp Me Ra De Att Ne    Pts
1    5 4+ -  6+ 8    -/18 160
Crushing Strength (3), Shambling, Fire, Breath Attack (6)

A Reaper translucent Fire Elemental model.  Drilled and based with an LED candle in the base:



Blacksouls - Infantry
Unit Size  Sp Me Ra De Att Ne    Pts
Regmnt(20) 4  4+ -  5+ 12  14/16 115

FW Immortal Guard w/ checkerboard basing:


Blacksouls (Heartbreaker Evil Dwarves) - Infantry (may instead use these as Berzerkers; TBD)
Unit Size  Sp Me Ra De Att Ne    Pts
Troop (10) 4  4+ -  5+ 10  10/12 80

A unit of Evil Dwarves from Heartbreaker.  This is the only unit in this group not painted by myself, though at some future date I will do some touch-up to bring it closer to the color scheme:


'Dragon' Fire-team Breath - War Engine ; May swap this for an alternate War Machine; not certain yet)
Unit Size  Sp Me Ra De Att Ne    Pts
1    4 -  -  4+ 10  10/12 50
Breath Attack (Att)

A heavily converted Reaper Clockwork Dragon:



Hydra - Monster (Hydra from Elemental List)
Unit Size  Sp Me Ra De Att Ne    Pts
1    6 4+ -  5+ 5*  15/17 140
Crushing Strength (2), Regeneration (5+), Pathfinder
*Multiple heads - in addition to the basic 5, the Hydra has a number of additional attacks equal to its current points of Damage

A Confrontation Mid Nor Hydra:



Basusu the Vile [1] (Lammasu) - Hero (Inf)
Unit Size  Sp Me Ra De Att Ne    Pts
1    10 3+ -  5+ 8   15/17 220

This one is a Raging Heroes Manticore with the Sheddu head, and conversion work to the back and tail:



Here is a recent army shot.


There are a few more WIP units coming soon including a Berzerker Unit (Rackham Confronation Incubuses of the Despot) and another Blacksouls unit.  Eventually there will even be a 'Red Queen":


I've also supplemented the army with a related terrain build of a Bridge Mimic which will likely eventually live on the display base for the completed army:


I have a running blog of this Army Build over at Chaos Dwarves Online (CDO) which is an excellent resource and community for all things Chaos/Abyssal Dwarf including a ton of great army builds, stories, background, painted models, and battle reports.   You can check out my blog on the CDO site to see additional painted shots, build photos and commentary:   http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=16123&page=5

Jon, CSW Member

One response to “Wardens of the Red Queen: An Abyssal Dwarf Army build for ‘Kings of War’

  1. Fantastic Jon!

    What you did with the clockwork dragon is absolutely inspirational and the rest of the force is equally impressive.

    Looking forward to stomping them (I mean admiring them…) the next time we play KoW.

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