Maersk Tesla Corporate Platoon Complete!


Quite a while ago I painted up a set of the "Vanguard" troopers from the Sedition Wars game. My results, method and a review of the figs can be found here.  As shown below, they're mostly unaltered. I cut the magazine off most of the grenade launcher figures so it can be run as a boarding shotgun. In addition,  they have different bases.


About a year ago, I purchased 2 more copies of the game and Tim painted up two more sets of the trooper figures for me in the same scheme bringing my total to 51 figures.   Here's all the troopers. When it comes to my basic dipped paint schemes I'm a big believer in the old adage that "Quantity has a quality all its own!"


I don't play Sedition Wars, but I'm using them to represent "Maersk Tesla" Corporate Marines in our "Galactic Frontier" setting.  So far they've been used in our yearly Adepticon Mech Attack games.  Still, like any pulp sci-fi-force they needed a bit of "character".  So after a few fits and starts, I finally finished off the 3 gun drones (one from each game set) and one set of the personalities, completing the reinforced platoon.  Like the earlier figures, they're simply sprayed primer grey, given base colors, a teeny bit of drybrushing, and then dipped. Super easy!

Here's the Exo-Suit fellow and leader.  I don't think I did justice to the leader's scarred face, but she looks pretty good. On the other hand, I really like the way the Exo Suit guy looks. Unlike many of the basic troopers, which required some adjustments during assembly, he went together easily.


I've painted him as a worker wielding some sort of cutting tool. He's the only figure in the batch not painted with the grey and green paint scheme.


Here's the Sniper and Medic.  Like the other two, they're flavorful figs and quite easy to paint.   The Medic is probably my favorite figure in the army.

dscn1695 dscn1696

The gun drones are nice, simple, constructions.  These are the only figs with the the stock bases (though I added a bit of diamond plate to one). The rest of the figures are based on Champ Industries bases, the same bases originally sold for the Rezolution game.


Here's the entire force. 55 Troops and 3 Drones.


But that's not all! They are painted to loosely match the colors of one of my Mech Attack forces, so they also have Tanks, APC's and plenty of mechs as well!

After cleaning and painting up these figures my opinion is roughly the same as my previous review of the troopers.  Even if one doesn't want the rest of the contents (30 Strain figures, game boards, rules,tokens etc...) at less than$30 on Amazon, the "Sedition Wars: Battle For Alabaster" game box remains one of the great figure bargains.  The hassle of cleaning the mold lines off of the peculiar plastic known to hobbyists as "Restic" is worth it to get such good quality sculpts at such a ridiculously low price.

I've already traded away one of the three sets of characters, but I have a rather neat idea for the final set.  With their jump suits, gear rigs and ridged knee pads, the Leader, Medic and Sniper could make quite good additions to my Necromunda Van Saar gang after some weapon swaps.  It will be some time before I get around to that, but that's about the endgame for this batch of figs. I'll only have the last remaining exo suit fellow who might end up with my Deadzone Rebs, another group of figures that I really like from a game I've almost no interest in.

In summary, I'm very happy with these figs and I look forward to fielding them in whatever sci-fi ruleset we might happen to play. If you need some good-looking sci-fi troopers with a "shiny" aesthetic at a great price, "Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster" Vanguard figures might be just what you're looking for.


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  1. Looks great, Karl!

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