Song of Blades and Heroes at Valorcon

Earlier this month, I ran a game of Song of Blades and Heroes at Valorcon, Chicago's nascent convention for all manner of tabletop and digital games.


Orcs and Lizardmen skirmish around a faerie castle

In this game, a group of orcs faced off against lizardmen with their living metal mercenaries.  The two groups were searching the abandoned island of Lacerta, another location in the same world as our previous Song of Blades and Heroes campaigns.  It  was made non-magical in a war between gods in the distant past.  Now, adventurers are searching Lacerta for any remnants of magic that might be made to work.  They found some faerie castes among the ruins of a city and are fighting each other while investigating the faerie magic.

The orcs quickly advanced across the table, causing some significant losses for the lizardmen.  They were also slightly ahead in looting the fey.


A snake and lizardman have just killed the orc warchief. One of the few remaining orcs can be seen running away in the background.

Fortunes reversed when the lizards were able to kill the orc warchief and leader, causing a rout of  all but one or two orcs.  With the orcs retreating, the lizardmen were able to pull off a strong victory despite not collecting as much loot from the faeries.

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    Josh O'Connor says:

    I REALLY want to play SBH and its accompanying RPG, TBH!

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