Sci Fi Train Finished!

For some time now I've wanted to add a Sci-Fi Train system to my terrain stock.   Two years ago I built an elevated  Train Station and at last year's Adepticon I added this single car passenger train to the layout.

A couple of months ago I built this train


Now I've finally finished painting it.   As with most of my previous projects this is made of resale shop finds. The Engine is from a Caterpillar toy train set and the cars are from a Disney Pixar Train set.  They are approximately the same size as O-27 scale trains and the wheels just happen to fit on O-Gauge Track.  The post detailing the cars before paint is here. The livery color choices were based on the technical process of "whatever colors I happened to have in the spray paint crate"

The painting of this thing was an exercise in Murphy's Law.  The orange base layer worked well but the Grey spray paint cracked as it hit the model and my tape job before spraying on the grey and yellow didn't quite take so some of the edges are jagged and chipped.


Luckily, everything in my Sci-fi terrain is dirty worn and cracked anyway, so I just continued with my usual fast-and-dirty (emphasis on dirty) paint process...

-Base layers

-Sloppy rust and brown washes of Pledge Future Floor Finish and craft paint

-Brush on matte varnish

-A tan drybrush/faux-highlight

...and it turned out pretty good.


The Engine.

Pretty stock, I just added a door to the back, rear platform, a couple of panels and a hatch on the front.



Looks like I forgot to paint the head lights.  Oops! Will fix that shortly.



Box Car.

Built a new centre roof panel for this one where a character head used to be attached. Both this and the Refrigerator car have added platforms side doors from Sedition Wars terrain and added end doors.




Refrigerator Car.

Same process as the box car but with a mechanical looking cap to cover the character head spot.



Tank Car.

This one got ladders at the ends, two valve outlets on each side and some large hatches on top.




So, there it is. One Sci-Fi Train ready for work!  Looking forward to fielding this as part of our Mech Attack game at Adepticon, but I think it'd be great as a Squat supply train as well.  Might add a few car number decals but otherwise I'll probably leave any genre-specific insignia  off to maximize the number of settings it can be used in.


This project isn't quite finished yet. I still need a freight station and more elevated train supports, but the end is in sight!

Of course a full size passenger train would be nice too...

4 responses to “Sci Fi Train Finished!

  1. The train turned out good. The cracks do make it look a bit like the whole thing is made of some sort of scifi concrete material.

  2. Nicely done this will look great on the tracks with your station. I think the headlights and perhaps a few other pops of alternate colors on the train cars will take it up a level as well. Look forward to seeing the final in person!

  3. jedthehomarid says:

    Excellent work as usual, Karl!

  4. Thanks Guys,
    Glad you like it. I’m really stoked to finally have this one finished!

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