Karl’s Necromunda Gangs. #4 Delaque from Josh!

And the Necromunda Gangs keep coming.  Today we have the Delaque as painted by my buddy and CSW Blog editor-in-chief Josh!

For my Delaque Gang I decided to convert figs from the "Slicks" line by East Riding Miniatures.  Despite being called 28mm the slicks are a bit taller than GW figures and less detailed. However, they have a nice uniform look and are fairly easy to convert.  Two of the poses in the pack are also slightly smaller than the others so you can make gangers and juves, though heavies take a bit more converting. The slicks figs are also remarkably cheap, coming in at about $2 a piece. Not a small thing when one considers what these original Necromunda figures cost these days. I bought two copies of the 7 figure gang pack and one additional figure from their "Enforcer" line.  Note that the ERM Corporate wars line also has an "Interpol" faction that might be good as Adeptus Arbites.

Almost all the figs received weapon swaps so it was a great chance to finally get some use out of the Necromunda weapons (and others) that I've been hoarding. A few of the conversions are a bit forced, but overall they look pretty good.  I removed the thick cast on bases they come with and in the process broke many of the feet off.  I replaced the feet with bits of heroclix minis.  A big hassle, but being able to use the slighty cyberpunk'ish sedition wars bases was worth it.

As always let's see the figs before paint.

Whole Gang

Leaders, etc
The old-style Warzone chainsword is a very nice size for non-space-marine characters, and the old ork bolt pistol is a medium size that could probably be run as a bolter or bolt pistol.

Reaper Flamethrower and tanks, Cadian Grenade Launcher (might be a good starter leader) and a Van Saar Heavy Stubber. The Last two were both made from the Slick figure with arms out to the sides. Some careful limb bending made for rather easy conversions though I did have to glue a few hands back on.


Long Guns.
Las and Autoguns from Necromunda weapon sprues (love those things).


Various Pistols and Shotgun
Basic weapon swaps. The flame pistol should be fun...

More Pistols.
The Stub gunner on the left is one of only two stock figures (the long haired shotgunner with glasses is the other)

As for painting, my only request from josh was for a relatively uniform look.  He ran with it and came up with a cool gradient red scheme (airbrushed) for the jackets. It's hard to tell in the pics but the baldies even have little liver spots on their heads!

Here's the leaders.  The guy in the middle with the shotgun is the "Enforcer", the only non-Slick figure.

The Heavies/specials.
dscn1568 dscn1570

Lasguns and Autoguns.

Stub gun and Autopistols.


The rest.


And there you have it a gang of trenchoated baldies ready to do battle in the underhive!

Very happy with the way these came out and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the ERM slicks to anyone looking to put together a Necromunda gang on a budget.  They're clearly Delaque, but have a cool unique look, like something out of a Jeunet film if he did animation.  Check them out!


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