Karl’s Necromunda Gangs #5: Orlock by Pat.

Now for the Orlock which came to me from the highlands of Colorado courtesty of Pat.

These are a mix of first generation metal Orlock figures, plastic Orlocks from the original boxed set and some Sci-Fi Salvage crew figures from Megaminis/AlphaForge.

A couple of years ago Pat painted these 5 Orlock up for random post-apoc gaming. Some neat conversions in there.

About 2 years ago he sold them to me. Before he moved away, we worked out an exchange; He'd paint the rest of a gang in exchange for some custom terrain.

Here are the figures I modified.
Two Orlocks. One with Chainsword instead of a knife and one with Heavy Bolter converted into a flamethrower. Both have Victoria miniatures gas masks. The next guy was originally sculpted by Alpha Forge as a "Salvage Crew" before being bought by MegaMinis/Jonnyborg and modified a bit. I cut the TNT out of his left to give him a grenade launcher and the pistol from his right was replaced with a bolt pistol. He will be my leader.


The guy on the left is an unmodified Rogue Trader era "Warrior" but I just wanted to show off his vintage coolness. Next to him are two more Jonnyborg/AlphaForge figs with headswaps and minor mods. Some cool gear on these guys.


The rest of the figs as-yet unmodified or unassembled



There's also the two more standard plastic Orlocks as well for a 16 Figure total.

Now for what you want to see the whole gang finished. You can tell the new from old by the basing scheme. I'll be repainting the tan bases to match the others soon. He pulled some colors from the original batch (red, green and blue especially) to bring to the new figs.



dscn1626 dscn1625 dscn1622 dscn1621 dscn1620

As I said before one of the cool things about these guys is some of the gear and packs they have.

dscn1633 dscn1632

The whole gang.

Very happy with this group. Once I match the bases of the older figs, they'll be very well unified. I'm also very glad that there are just enough alternate figs and minor conversions to give it some unique character. This batch of figs was acquired on a very small budget as I traded or bought for whatever I could find cheap and then supplemented with non-necro figs.

One final thing. Pat also posted some of these on his blog. If you'd like to read his thoughts on the process and see them in proper terrain for some very classic-necromunda-looking action pics, I highly recommend a visit.

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  1. It’s great to see everyone together in one group!

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