2016 Painted Figure Exchange (Updated!)

This past autumn, I ran a figure painting exchange with several CSW members and other friends. We have run similar events in the past, but since a couple of our members have moved away, I opened this up to our distant members as well as other painters we know both local and around the country. Each participant was assigned a random other person to paint one figure for. Since many of the participants were not familiar with the others, it was encouraged to talk to your target and get some inspiration for a mini that would fit into his collection.

There were 12 of us participating, and here are some of the results.

I painted a radio tech survivalist from This is not a Test for josh.


Josh painted this Sophie figure from Reaper for Mike.


Mike painted this Reaper Bones Lamia for Matt.


Matt painted a Wreck Age sniper for Galen


Galen painted a modified mercenary from Mantic for Anton.


Anton painted this Wreck age figure for Pat.


Pat painted this Thunder Child astronaut for Mattias.  You can see more on his blog.


Mattias painted this fighting man from Grenadier for Joe.  Check more details on his blog.


Joe painted a chaos dwarf centaur for Jon.


Jon painted a space dwarf from Games Workshop for Karl.


Karl painted this giant for Adam.


Adam painted this sci-fi grunt for Tim.


I think the painting exchange is a great opportunity to paint something you might never paint for yourself and also get a surprise miniature painted for you.  I really like these paint jobs and I'm a little surprised that most were sci-fi miniatures.



4 responses to “2016 Painted Figure Exchange (Updated!)

  1. Thanks for putting this together TIm. Very nice work on these models gentlemen!

  2. Agreed. Thanks, Tim!

  3. Thanks Tim!
    Great work all of you. Nice to see such a wide variety of models representing so much goodwill to fellow gamers. Also I freakin’ love the Squat (space dwarf) that Jon painted for me!

    Looking forward to next year’s exchange…

  4. Great work everyone. I was very happy to be a part of this fun event. Looking forward to next year.

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