Advancing The Hobby- Posters and Signs on a Cutting Machine

I love seeing little details like posters and signs on scale terrain. I have done them in the past, but it is a pain to do, and it takes too long. The cutting machine simplifies this greatly.

I googled "post apocalyptic posters" and copied/pasted some of the resulting images into one layer in the Silhouette software. I used the convenient scale feature to resize them. The short side of each image was set to 1 inch. I added some wanted posters from google, and some street signs. Once I had them spread out on the page in a more or less organized fashion, I sent it to my printer.

This is the resulting print carefully placed on the adhesive cutting mat. I printed these to 65lb watercolor paper. This paper takes ink very well, and is sturdy and easy to work with. I then used the software's tracing feature to quickly draw cutting lines around each item. I drew the cutting lines on a new layer in the software to keep things organized.

Here is what the image looks like with the graphic layer hidden, and the cutting lines visible. The black box in the upper left, and the lines in the upper right and lower left are there to help the machine determine where to cut on the printed page. When I sent this to the cutter, it first loads the paper, and scans those marks. Then, it made perfect cuts.

Here is the cut page after I peeled away the scrap. I used a little spatula to carefully pull the posters and signs off the adhesive cutting mat, and they were ready to use!

I used a sharpie to blackline the white edges of the posters.

I used brush on superglue to apply them.

I hit each one with a light brown wash to help tie them into the surrounding terrain pieces.

I may experiment with less permanent mounting techniques. Blue-tac may work to keep them swapable.

This one was mounted inside the window.

I think the one inch wide posters, while technically over-sized, work very well at this scale. All the text is still readable.

Since I have this document saved, I can print out and cut additional copies very quickly. I am already getting requests for additional signage from club members. My first practical hobby experiment with the cutting machine is a major success.


Special thanks to the creators of these fantastic images.

2 responses to “Advancing The Hobby- Posters and Signs on a Cutting Machine

  1. Dang, that’s some good looking signage. This cutting machine reveals new uses every day!

  2. These look awesome and will add nice depth to yours and the group’s terrain! Nice execution of a great idea using the cutter. Look forward to more.

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