First finished minis of 2017! Bushido Prefecture of Ryu

Tim and I played a demo of Bushido at Gencon last year, and I really fell in love with their miniature line. They have so many fun, dynamic sculpts! I picked up The Prefecture of Ryu starter set as well as a sumo wrestler and a dragon. I spent my New Years day finishing up most of these. I tried to paint them in bright vibrant colors in sharp contrast to my usual painting style. I also decided to keep them relatively simple.

This samurai is the leader and elder statesman of the group. I am very excited about the basing on these guys. They are pinned to resin "forest temple" bases.  I used brighter shades of flock and vegetation than I normally use to help them really pop.

This warrior is tall, and I placed him on a taller base to help him really tower over the rest of the group. He has some of the best eyes I've ever done. I usually use a micron pen for eyeballs, but with these guys, I did them with a brush.

This younger warrior is the simplest pose of the bunch. I added a resin bamboo bowl to this base, and filled it with shrubbery.

The rifleman is crouched and ready to cover his comrades. The bonsai tree is a Malifaux basing bit. I painted the tree, and then flocked it. I tried to paint the pot to resemble Japanese porcelain containers. I did the designs freehand, trying to mimic the general lines of traditional art.

The female warrior had an odd face with a sharp overbite, but I am pleased with the look on her face. The lantern is another Malifaux bit.

The sumo wrestler has clearly been through some battles. He has old scars as proof. Recently, I have been starting all my minis with fleshtones through my airbrush. With these guys, I did the flesh, and the blue areas via airbrush, and did the rest with regular brushwork.

I am really pleased with how this group turned out, and I am looking forward to seeing them on the table in a game of Bushido, or maybe Song of Blades and Heroes soon! The dragon still needs to be completed. I have him mostly completed, but I was not happy with the direction I had taken. I feel that he needs a more painterly style to help him stand out, so I have enlisted Jon's help to handle the finishing work in his style. It will be a great addition to this group, and I'll post pictures when he is complete.

3 responses to “First finished minis of 2017! Bushido Prefecture of Ryu

  1. Dang, those are nice. I really like the various basing bits. Battling in a garden is a great anime and marital arts film trope and it’s well done here.

  2. This is definitely some of your best work to date, josh.

  3. Thanks!

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