Ready For The Table- Stone Golem Force

One of my new years resolutions was to complete partially painted projects before starting something new. These guys have been sitting on my painting table for well over a year. I am really excited to call them complete! Most of these minis are Hordes- Circle Oroboros...

The leader, and only human of this group is this mage. He used his magic to draw stone up from some ruins to create an army.

He is painted to match the rest of my Circle Oroboros minis, with verdigris covered armor. Painting a black cloak is very tough!

I love this sculpt. It is very cinematic.

These little guys are called Woldstalkers. I will need to think of a better name.

This golem is about to bring the smack down...

... Or is he running away in terror?

This golem has an odd pose, but i love it. I call him the Air Guitarist.

This is my favorite of the smaller golems.

I added grass and moss flock to reinforce the idea that these were just ripped from wherever they stood for hundreds of years.

This is a Meirce Miniatures something or other. I am calling him a giant. I tried to make him angry and unhealthy looking.

He carries one of the glowing stones on his back.

This is a Hordes Woldwrath. He is HUGE, sitting on a 120mm base.

I came up with a neat way to do the glowing runes featured on all these models. After painting, washing, and drybrushing all the stone work, I used a white paint pen to trace in all the runes. I then carefully washed them all using a green wash. I used Secret Weapon green, which is very bright. I am pleased with the effect. It was easy to make it consistent from model to model.

Each of the golems has wood and rope parts. Besides moss and grass flock, I added some vines to give this one even more texture.

The tree stump is a resin piece I found in my bits box. Additionally, there is a log laying on the front of the base. It's just an unpainted stick with a little moss flock added.

I gave him a moss beard. I also experimented with a flower hat, but it was just too silly.


I am looking forward to getting these guys on the table very soon!


3 responses to “Ready For The Table- Stone Golem Force

  1. Nice work. From certain angles that Woldwrath is giving me a real Battletech vibe. Kind of like a runic MadCat. Very Cool! Love the air guitarist too.

  2. These look really great, Josh. I think your "I can’t supply my own Dragon Rampant army" excuse is running out…

  3. I’ll have to find a new excuse.

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