Broken Contract Breaker Faction

Our friend Nick created a cool game called Broken Contract. I recently finished painting the Breaker faction.

This group looks ready to fight!

I speed painted this group with a goal of fast tabletop quality.

I wanted them to look like the filthy, grimy miners they are.

This guy looks a little upset about something...

This guy is just taking a break from his hole digging.

Oops, she broke her shovel!

I tried to match Craftsman red for the wrench.

This lady is also upset about something...

The big guy is surgically enhanced and ready to work!


These minis were a lot of fun to paint, and the game is a great time, too! Pick up the rule book and give it a try!

One response to “Broken Contract Breaker Faction

  1. Some very nice models in there. A great addition to the post apoc genre!

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