40k Knights In Mech Attack City

When I first made plans for Adepticon 2017, I made arrangements to bring the Mech Attack terrain set on Thursday and leave it all week in the "Open Gaming" area for attendees to play on. As it happened, a family vacation intervened, and I only brought it on Saturday. I left it out during the afternoon for others to enjoy and was planning to pack it up and go home after dinner but Ken from "Wardens of the Maelstrom" made me an offer I couldn't refuse to stick around until midnight. I agreed and I'm glad I did because what they did on our layout was absolutely incredible.

They had a big battle with 40k Knight models! What could be more a appropriate follow-up battle on our Mech Attack city (officially known as Borschtegrad), than hulking Warhammer 40k "mech's" duking it out? I don't know the name of the particular units, how the battle was organized, or who won, but it raged for several hours and looked awesome. Before falling asleep on a nearby lounger I took the following pictures:

The Bikers give a nice sense of scale for the Knights.

I love the Steampunk aesthetic on this one.

A pit crew perhaps? Go Team Mechanicus!


Some Knights are bigger than others...

What isn't clear in the pictures is just how many Knights were involved. While there were some independent mechs, there were also platoons of them in matching liveries.

I was particularly taken by this weird and wonderful orange Knight with a slightly different aesthetic than the rest. It seemed to capture the best of the GW "Knight" and the Dreamforge "Leviathan" lines in one model.

The purple team had a bold paint scheme that felt like classic 40k.

What grimdark city would be complete without flamethrower-wielding nuns hanging out at the local gothic cathedral?

Really beautiful stuff all around.  Way to go Wardens!

I've kind of sworn off buying any more 40k stuff since my Imperial Guard and Blood Angels only see battle in occasional games of "One-Page-40k" and I also have significant numbers of unpainted figures that I could add to each "finished" army.

But, this game made me really, really, really want a Knight.   I don't see myself dropping $140 (which isn't a bad price for such a nice, well-detailed plastic model) anytime soon, but maybe I'll be able to find a deal on someone's poorly done project that I can resurrect?

Anyone got a Knight that  needs some TLC?

Other Games in Mech Attack city.

Here are a few shots I took from folks who were using the city during the afternoon for 40k pickup games.


And there you have it, my penultimate Adepticon post! Fear not though fans of Schaumberg-based-wargaming-conventions, other CSW members have more blogging to do about Adepticon and I'll be back later with my "Adepticon for Terrain Heads" gallery.

-Karl Paulsen

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