Demo Games at Adepticon 2017

For me, a big part of going to Adepticon is checking out various games and trying something different. Over the last few years, the number of games to play outside of the big tournaments has grown significantly, so there were a lot of options to choose from. Here are a few of the games I got to try.


Witchborn is a fantasy game with random events supplied by an app that pairs with numbered locations on a printed map. The rules themselves are fairly straightforward and basic- with special dice determining combat results and tests taken by rolling a die and adding the relevant stat to beat a target number. Unfortunately, the demo did not really do much to highlight how the app works or what options are available. I'm generally not a fan of printed mats as a playing surface and in this game certain features on the map effect movement in the way terrain would, so that was not a plus for me.

Arena Rex

Arena Rex is a gladiatorial combat game that has gained popularity over the last few years. In each turn you get two actions to spread among your gladiators and typically a gladiator can make two actions before having to rest. Occasionally, you have to skip a turn to refresh your gladiators. It also has an interesting mechanic for resolving the damage of attacks, where each success rolled on an attack allows you to take another effect from a tree of options. You can see parts of a couple of those trees on the cards in the photo.


Relicblade did not have an official presence at the convention, but Sean, the sculptor/illustrator/game designer who makes it, was there. He ran me through a sample of his game. Each figure gets a certain number of dice to use for various actions. The actions are listed on a stat card or equipment/ability cards. To perform an action, you roll one or more dice and add them to beat the action's target number.  My knight needed a 7 to make his powerful attack, or had a weaker attack with a lower target. So, in order to make that attack I had to put at least two dice into it but often used three dice to give me a higher chance of success. I likes Relicblade, so I picked up the PDFs of rules and cards from the game's web site. I'm hoping to play that some time soon and present a full battle report.

Aetherium got a new faction Called Rezx. I have only played Aetherium a couple of times so far, but I liked the look of the new figures, so I bought them. Look for a post on painting them some time in the future. Josh and I also participated in one round of the story event related to the new release. The new faction interacts more with the void space that surrounds the board pieces, so that was interesting to see.


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5 responses to “Demo Games at Adepticon 2017

  1. Great post Tim,
    A timely reminder that when attending con’s it pays to slow down and try some demo’s.

    How would you say Relicblade compares to Song of Blades (and/or AdvancedSBH) in terms of complexity and play time?

  2. I got to play a few new games at Adepticon as well…

    The stand out for me was Mantic’s Walking Dead All Out War, which may be the perfect ruleset for our next zombie game…

  3. Based on the demo, Relicblade is pretty comparable to Song of Blades and Heroes. The number of minis and options you have, etc… is about the same or maybe a little less. having everything on the cards makes it a little more straightforward. I have not read the full rules yet, so I might change that opinion.

  4. Cool.
    I’d be willing to give it a go when you have handle on the rules. Is there a mechanic for making your own stat cards?

  5. There are blank cards, but i don’t think there is a system for giving them points values.

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