Newly released Wreck-Age models from Adepticon 2017- Part 1

We posted previously about the (funded!) Wreck-Age vehicle kickstarter, but the guys at Hyacinth games also quietly released some new models at Adepticon 2017.  We have a few posts planned to show off some of these in the days leading up to the kickstarter's end.

I was very excited to get my hands on these post-collapse horse riders. One of them has a gas-mask!

I wanted this guy to look filthy. I thought that if he and the horse both need gas masks to survive, they must not be in a very clean place. This rider comes with 2 different weapon options. Besides the rifle, you can equip him with a small axe.

These minis come with plain MDF bases, but I chose to mount them on resin bases from a random ebay seller. After painting the base, I stippled on a few Secret Weapon pigments in various dirt shades to add a little more texture.

This horse is also mounted on a resin base. I tried to mount him at a downward slant as if the horse had just jumped over the tire. I also assembled the rider bouncing out of the saddle a bit.

I kept to a very simple paint scheme for both horses. Base colors were done via airbrush, and then colors were blocked in. I shaded using various washes and layered up from there. I wanted them to potentially be usable in any of my wreck-age factions.

These minis were a blast to paint, and they are full of character. I can't wait to see them on the table, perhaps racing one of the upcoming Wreck-Age vehicles.

Keep checking the blog for future posts about the new Wreck-Age motorcycles, and the new Arkh faction starter box...



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2 responses to “Newly released Wreck-Age models from Adepticon 2017- Part 1

  1. These look really nice. I’m looking forward to playing Wreck Age some time.

  2. Very cool!
    Bikes are fairly common in post-apoc minis, but the genre was crying out for living mounts.
    Nice work on them also.

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