Newly Released Wreck-Age Models from Adepticon- Part 3

Along with the addition of vehicles, Wreck Age is adding heavy units to oppose them.  One of the models on offer is the ARHK heavy trooper (on the left above and below).  They have also recently released a box set of models for the ARHK faction.  These models represent a corporate army that has remained on Earth and lays claim on the resources left behind by the exodus.

The heavy trooper is a big figure in a power armor suit that takes some visual inspiration from medieval armor.

He is an individual model booster that can be added to your faction starter.

I chose to paint these figures in a blue naval camo pattern, as shown on the back of this cape, with metallic blue armor and equipment.

The squad has some fun, dynamic poses.

ARHK troopers introduce squad mechanics to the rules of Wreck-Age.

These were fun models to paint and I'm looking forward to playing them in a game soon.



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2 responses to “Newly Released Wreck-Age Models from Adepticon- Part 3

  1. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing these guys on the tabletop soon.

  2. Very cool Tim! I especially like how the big guy came out. A great model and the contrast between the armor/BDU blues and the sashimono really make it stand out! Definitely looking forward to seeing these in person and battling it out.

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