Painted minis- Bushido Ito Clan

NOTE- I did not paint these. I acquired them in a trade, but they deserve to be showcased.

The Ito clan is an interesting faction in the game of Bushido- They have basically sold their souls to some sort of snake god, and have all sorts of poison abilities.

Itsunagi Ito is a samurai. He never wears a shirt, in order to show off his sweet tats. Because of this, he is a glass hammer.

Chiyo, and the Temple Bushi are both Ashigaru. They are fast and deadly.

Sakura is a Shisai, a sort of witch. She can do all sorts of poison shenanigans.

Ayako Ito is a Hebi Shisai, which is a snake/witch. She also has poison based spells and grows more powerful when surrounded by friendly shisai.

Kenzo Ito is a snake samurai. He is very fast and strong.

Akimoto is a snake-headed man. He is fast and cheap, and can potentially frighten and poison opponents. He has an interesting trait called "impetuous" that forces the player to activate him first every turn.

Naoko is a snake-man who appears to be further along in his transformation. He has a ranged venom attack that causes blindness. He is also impetuous.

Satoshi is a samurai. He has very tough armor and can give ashigaru orders to activate them out of turn.

Takeji is an armoured ashigaru. He has a brutal special attack.


I am looking forward to trying these guys out in an upcoming game of Bushido!

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  1. Looking good. An excellent addition to your Bushido collection!

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