Painted minis- Bushido Temple of Ro-Kan

My first batch of Temple of Ro-Kan minis are done! This Bushido faction caught my eye at Adepticon, and I just had to paint it. These guys were what inspired me to move forward with all my other recent Bushido projects... I mean... look at them! There is a monk sleeping on the back of a turtle!

Master Ekusa is a jolly relaxed fellow. His turtle has a mind of its own.  He can leech and channel Ki energies, and force opponents to contemplate their existence.

Kenko, the monk is a powerhouse. He can channel his Ki energy into fists of iron, or turn his skin to oak to protect himself. I am quite pleased with the basing on these minis. Thematically, they are in a temple garden, full of brightly colored flowers. I cut out multi-layered cork inserts for the bases, painted, and coated in static grass, then added flower flock, and various flowering plants. The flock and static grass are all woodland scenics, and the flowers are o-scale products from various model railroad supply companies.

Yumi dances around her opponents. Her tornado ability can redirect opponents ranged attacks back at them. She stands on a much higher base than her comrades.

Atsuko is a peasant. She can heal, or use a Ki ability to remove negative statuses from her comrades.

The rice farmer is one of my favorite models. He can act as a bodyguard to any of the monks, or pray to reduce the Ki cost of a monk's abilities.  Atsuko can be used as a second rice farmer if you want. The flowering shrub on this base was made with Woodland Scenics  clump foliage sprinkled with red flock. Soaking the little bush in watered down PVA will make it nice and solid for safety.

Seiji is a monk who is one with nature. He can hold opponents, and regenerate his wounds.

This model is an Oki Shisa, but I prefer to call it the Oki Shi-Tzu. Normally these are painted to look like stone, but this one is painted in an homage to my departed shi-tzu, Howie.

I can't wait to get these models on the battlefield!  I'm up to 3 fully painted Bushido factions, with one more to go! I'd better start getting more games in soon!! I have a temple garden board planned that will hopefully match these bases as well. Stay tuned for more Bushido coverage!

5 responses to “Painted minis- Bushido Temple of Ro-Kan

  1. Looking good. I like how the flowers turned out.

  2. Nice! I really like the flower bushel behind Seiji. Those look really good! What manufacturer?

  3. The red and yellow flower clumps are Walthers Scenemasters flowers in HO scale. They are super cheap on amazon.

  4. What about the red/green rose looking ones?

  5. like the one on the rice farmer? That is a blob of woodland scenics clump foliage, soaked in pva to harden and sprinkled with red flock while wet. I was really happy with how it turned out!

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