Review/Tutorial: Sarissa Precision Lasercut Terrain

Sarrisa Precision is a UK company that makes all sorts of nifty laser cut terrain. I picked up a couple of the Japanese historical pieces for my Bushido table: 2 bridges, and a temple bell. I forgot to take pictures before I started assembling, but they came nicely flat packed. I assembled both kits in an evening. The pieces removed from the MDF flats very easily. Some parts were very thin, and I carefully teased them out with a hobby knife. There was almost no cleanup needed.

I test fit all the bridge pieces before gluing. They all fit together very well. Once all the slats were in one side of the bridge, it was a little tricky to get the other side on. Once assembled, it felt very sturdy even before gluing.

Here are both bridges after gluing the main pieces, and before adding the side trim. I used Weld-Bond glue for these. it is similar to wood glue, but it dries crystal clear on any surface. I used a toothpick to apply the glue to the assembled bridge.

Here are the painted and flocked bridges, awaiting a matte varnish spray.

I used Reaper Carnage red for the sides, and Vallejo Beige Brown for the wood. I washed the wood with a heavy layer of Secret Weapon Armor Wash. I let this layer start to dry a tiny bit, and then used the brush to streak it lengthwise across each plank to fake a woodgrain. The flock is a custom mix of static grasses that I made for my Bushido board.

The building was very simple to assemble. The only tricky part is maneuvering the stairs assembly in, as it slots inside the stone base. The bell is made from a piece of greyboard, and I wrapped it around a paint bottle to help form the round shape.I assembled the major parts and glued them, but I kept the base, fence, structure, bell hanger, and roof separate for easier painting.

The roof had so much space in it. I just HAD to add a tea light. The side roof panels are removable to turn the light on/off, or change the battery.

Here is a short video to show it off. It looks even cooler in person!

The base was painted in a medium grey. I wanted it to look old, so I tried sponge painting various shades of brown, green and blue on the stone. The effect was a little too pronounced at first, but a Secret Weapon soft black wash helped to tie it together.

The wood structure was painted in Vallejo Air mahogany and washed with Secret Weapon Armor Wash. The bell painted Vallejo game Brassy Brass, and washed with Citadel Biel-Tan green. The fence and roof were painted in Reaper Carnage Red. The roof was lightly washed with Secret Weapon Armor Wash. I left the fence clean. The stairs were painted just like the bridges with Vallejo Beige Brown and SW Armor wash.

Here is a shot of the finished piece. It was a quick, simple build that looks great on the tabletop. It scales very well with 28-32mm minis. The bridges are smartly designed wide enough for bases. Sarissa makes some wooden walkways that I may pick up also. I highly recommend these kits!

In case anyone is curious, the temple dog statues are from Ainsty Castings. I drybrushed the statues on shades of grey, and painted the bases gloss piano black.

Normally, I'd finish with an epic scene full of finished terrain and minis, but you'll have to wait for my next post for that... There are a few more surprises coming for my 1st Bushido board, and they will all be used in tomorrow's game! Check back in a couple days for the after action report!



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8 responses to “Review/Tutorial: Sarissa Precision Lasercut Terrain

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing all this stuff in person when we play.

  2. Looks very nice!
    I’m generally a bit skeptical about lasercut terrain, but it seems very well suited to the angular wooden buildings here. Love the added lighting as well.

  3. That looks ….great. The addition of the tea light is fantastic.

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    laser cut terrain has come a long way, and can be super impressive these days.

  5. These look great! I’m a big fan of lasercut terrain kits and have only ever had a problem with Spartan Scenics in terms of assembly. Otherwise, Warsenal, and 4ground have been favs, and Ive enjoyed builds from Micro Art, Bandua, Death Ray Designs and Warmill. I’m probably going to order some of the 4ground Asian themed kits when I place my next order.
    They’re sturdier than plastic kits imo, and modern designs have been pretty stunning.

  6. The 4ground kits are great… However, they are a little small in scale for 28-32mm… They have a new line that should be out very soon in a larger scale. I’m waiting for those.

  7. Looked up Sarissas website earlier. Some really nice pieces on there, and shipping is cheap for UK. :) I may have to go full Pagoda…

  8. I scored the full set of official 4ground Bushido buildings released at Salute, so I will have them assembled and reviewed asap.

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