CSW Hobby night!

Chicago Skirmish Wargames recently got together for a hobby night. We have not done this in a while, and it was a great and productive evening, full of pizza, bourbon, and hobbying!

Mike assembled a bunch of 40k minis. I'll let him explain in his own (seemingly made-up) words:

"Last night I build some Skitarii Vanguard and Skitarii Rangers. Some of the special weapons included a Plasma Culiver, an Arc Rifle, a Taser Goad, and a Transuranic Arquebus. I also build a Tech Priest Dominus with Macrostubber and Eradication Ray. GW is really good at making up words..."

Jon assembled an impressive array of Aetherium House Ikaru minis, including some customized poses and the beginnings of some really cool base work.

Tim got a lot of work done on his impressive Tengu faction for Bushido. Check out those wings!

I assembled 5 samurai for Test of Honor. Tim and I both picked this game up at Little Wars. It's a beer and pretzels samurai game, with some cool multi-part plastic minis.

I also assembled these Bushido objective markers, and Temple of Ro-Kan minis.

Not bad output for a few hours work! We had a great time, and have pledged to do these hobby nights more often.


6 responses to “CSW Hobby night!

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    timlillig says:

    Thanks for hosting, Josh.

    I’ll finish up those Tengu this weekend.

  2. Lookin’ good fellas!
    Those Tengu paintjobs are pretty sweet. Hopefully their hand joins aren’t as delicate as my Syndicate! x-D
    Does he plan on using the Skitarii for Shadow War? I was considering picking up a starter box because I liked the models, but wouldn’t use them for 40k.
    The Aetherium models look pretty diverse and interesting, but I don’t know much about the system. May have to do a bit of research.
    Can’t wait to see what Test of Honor board(s) you guys set up!

  3. Mike and Jon both came to a meeting?
    It’s like seeing Batman and Superman at the same Arby’s!

    Looks like you all had a great time. Sorry I missed it. Hopefully next time.

  4. Did you mean Josh? Or Jon?

  5. Oops,
    Meant Jon. Corrected.

    Good to see you there too, but you’re almost a regular…

  6. Nice work. I hope I can make the next Hobby Night. Of course, first I will have to gather up all my gaming things in one place.

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